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This unique seminar teaches people how to transition into a nomadic RV lifestyle seamlessly. There is so much curiosity about the nomadic lifestyle. People will be raving about your event and eager to hit the road!

“Nomadic Living: How to Break the Boundaries to Getting on the Road & Live Nomadically for a Month, a Season, a Year or Forever”

Tara Sage

Tara Sage is an experienced, dynamic speaker with years of stage training that shows. An expert nomad who provides real-world practical support to help people transition into the RV lifestyle, she will enliven your event in a way that inspires, informs, and engages your audience. 

About Tara



5x Featured Speaker at the Florida RV Supershow, 2019 & 2020!


Hired as Keynote Speaker for “Gals on the Go” event in Oregon + hosted The Nomadic Adventure Club in Tennessee


RVWA member


As seen in numerous RV industry publications

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“Tara and (her partner) Carl bring so much experience and knowledge to living on the road and that really comes across in their seminar. This was the first year we included Nomadic Living as a topic at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, and based on the size of the crowds alone, it was a hit!

Raving evaluation forms show the audience really liked the topic, the information, and the way it was presented. Tara and Carl bring their first-hand knowledge to a lifestyle that many people are interested in as possessions are being scaled back in exchange for life experiences.

I recommend including this seminar in your lineup and I look forward to having Tara and Carl return as Supershow presenters in the future!”

Dave Kelly

FRVTA Marketing Director

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“Tara is an incredibly captivating speaker!”

Natasha Flores, LadiesDC Director

“My husband Dan and I attended the Tampa RV Supershow in 2019, and we learned so much from the Nomadic Living seminar led by Tara Sage! Before attending, I thought full time RV living was out of reach for us. But after hearing Tara speak, we were sold.

We not only bought a travel trailer that weekend and set the wheels in motion to go full time in 2020, we also registered for Tara and Carl’s Nomadic Living 101 Program to get a feel for what we would be in for. It was informational and enlightening.  In the program, they deal with questions about downsizing and all the ins and outs of RV living. Initially, we were worried about what family and friends would say. Were we crazy to think we could do this?

Because Tara and Carl have been through it and shared their knowledge, we’re now on track to do it too. Today we met with the realtor to sell our house! We are no longer waiting for “someday.” Today is our someday, and we’re excited!”

Vickie Acebo-Carns, January 2020

NL 101 RV Show

Nomadic Living: How to Break the Boundaries to Getting on the Road & Live Nomadically for a Month, a Season, a Year, or Forever


  • Learn real-world strategies and the inside scoop on location-independent living and working from both a remote-working corporate employee (Carl) and business-owner (Tara).

  • Get a personal glimpse into our 60-day downsizing story and making the transition to full-time RV living.

  • Learn strategies to cut costs for location-independent budgeting that doesn’t sacrifice fun.

  • Gain insight, steps, and strategies to downsize, simplify life, and prepare for the journey.

  • Be inspired, empowered and motivated to stop waiting for “someday” and experience new horizons.

  • Determine best strategies for travel arrangements based on personal preferences and priorities.

  • Learn key considerations for determining the right RV set-up.

  • Gain tips for how to stay fit, healthy, and safe on the road.

  • Learn about technology and resources that makes nomadic living more feasible than ever.

  • Gain co-habilitation tips and advice for how to nurture relationships, on and off the road.

  • Ask us anything Q & A + recommended next steps.

  • And so much MORE…


Tara, Carl, and their dog Cosmo, live full-time in an RV traveling and working from the road. 

Nomadic Living 101Mobility is a dream that many share, yet so few do it. Tara and Carl are on a mission to change that and help make it real, personalizing this lifestyle to fit individual desires, styles and interests. Each journey is unique — and they help you do it, your way.

Carl is a remote-working IT employee with a wealth of thoughtful, systematic, mechanically oriented, engineering-minded know-how.

Tara is a location-independent business owner, author, speaker, life and business coach with a strategic, design-conscious, lifestyle-oriented approach.

Together, their personal commitment is to work with you to make your program as successful as possible. Tara and Carl provide expert insight and practical strategies to your audience in a fun and interactive way.

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WE KNOW HOW to give the audience what they want and what they need. We know how to get them motivated and excited, and how to show them what’s possible. 

OUR OBJECTIVES ARE to help attendees get the most out of our presentation, be inspired to explore new possibilities for themselves, and make the kind of impact that will have them raving to their friends about your event. It is our personal commitment to work with you to make your program as successful as possible.

WE WALK OUR TALK and we teach from personal experience, and we are a dynamic duo! Between us, we have travelled to more than 15 countries. As full-time RVers in our 40s, we are changing the narrative, helping woman and couples of all ages to experience the freedom of nomadic living.

YOUR AUDIENCE WILL get Carl’s wealth of thoughtful, systematic, mechanically oriented, engineering-minded know-how AND Tara’s strategic, design-conscious, lifestyle-oriented approach and know-how to support people through big life changes, plus her wealth of experience as a digital nomad since 2004.

MOST OTHER RV TRAINERS and speakers focus only on the mechanics of things, but there are a lot of practical, real-life, everyday issues and decisions that need to be made in order to transition to RV living and make nomadic life your own – from finances, meals, health, relationships, safety, logistics and planning, and so much more.