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Tara Sage is an experienced speaker with years of stage training, and it shows. This, plus a specialized Masters degree in Holistic Leadership, Bachelors degree in Psychology, coach training certification, commanding stage presence, nearly two decades of coaching experience, and clear passion for supporting others to create freedom-filled lives … all contributes to how she serves clients and audiences alike.

Tara skillfully unlocks individual and team momentum for success. She will enliven your event in ways that stand out, inspire, inform, and engage. Your audience will leave feeling empowered and so glad they came! Tara’s personal commitment is to help make your program as successful as possible. Whether it’s your next meeting, festival, seminar series, or conference, Tara provides expert insights and practical strategies in a light-hearted, meaningful, interactive way that leaves a lasting impact.

A seminar led by Tara is not just about theories. She has vast practical experience working one-to-one with ambitious innovative individuals, and this comes through on the stage. Tara helps attendees solve problems and experience profound breakthroughs in their thinking, understanding, and abilities. Give your attendees the opportunity to learn first-hand from Tara’s compelling content, commanding presence, skilled storytelling, and engaging leadership style. Book Tara today and find out why she is a sought-after speaker and trainer. Her personal commitment is to work with you to make your program as successful as possible.

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“Tara is an incredibly captivating speaker!”

- Natasha Flores, LadiesDC Director

“I felt very engaged and present throughout.

And since, I feel like a switch has been turned on!”

- Claire Winston-Wade, wedding officiant


I offer two Signature Talks, Nomadic Living 101 and How to Create the Life You Think You Cannot Have, both of which I’ve received extensive coaching on from a TEDTalk certified speaking coach. These high-quality, engaging, entertaining, informative, stage-ready presentations will leave your audience feeling empowered and awakened to new possibilities, enhancing the experience of your festival, conference, or private event.  

How to Create the Life You Think You Cannot Have

Inspired by Tara’s bestselling book, The Brules of Life: 15 Bullshit Rules to Break for a No-Vacation-Needed Life, this engaging presentation will help you see blindspots (that hide in plain sight) and rethink conventions while stirring your soul, firing up your motivation, and illuminating your path forward.  

You will:

    • Learn the top 3 “brules” and how to rethink status quo conventions to fulfill the truth of your potentials
    • Simple steps for life-changing breakthroughs of established old patterns built on false limitations
    • Unlock new possibilities, elevate your life, joy, hopes, clarity, and dreams 
    • Go from feeling like a caged bird to soaring and experiencing a new kind of freedom

“That stretched my brain in a really pleasant way.”  

- Catie Allard, therapist

NL 101 RV Show

Nomadic Living 101: How to Break the Boundaries to Getting on the Road & Live Nomadically for a Month, a Season, a Year, or Forever

This seminar teaches how to transition into a nomadic RV lifestyle seamlessly. There’s so much curiosity about the nomadic lifestyle. After more than 5 years on the road together, Tara and her partner Carl (who joins the stage for the Q&A) provide real-world practical support for people interested in transitioning into RV life. Most RV speakers and trainers focus on mechanics only, but there are a lot of practical, real-life, everyday issues and decisions that need to be made in order to make the lifestyle your own – from finances, logistics and planning, meals, health, relationships, safety, and so much more. We’re changing the narrative, helping men, women, singles and couples of all ages and races to experience the freedom of nomadic living. Attendees will be raving about this seminar and eager to hit the road.

You will:

    • Learn real-world strategies and the inside scoop on location-independent living and working
    • Get a personal glimpse into simplification and the living experiment of a full-time RV lifestyle
    • Be inspired, empowered and motivated to stop waiting for “someday” and experience new horizons
    • Gain insight into the changing definition of home along with consideration, opportunities and resources that make nomadic living more feasible than ever

“Tara and (her partner) Carl bring so much experience and knowledge to living on the road and that really comes across in their seminar. This was the first year we included Nomadic Living as a topic at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, and based on the size of the crowds alone, it was a hit!

Raving evaluation forms show the audience really liked the topic, the information, and the way it was presented. Tara and Carl bring their first-hand knowledge to a lifestyle that many people are interested in as possessions are being scaled back in exchange for life experiences.

I recommend including this seminar in your lineup and I look forward to having Tara and Carl return as Supershow presenters in the future!”

– Dave Kelly, FRVTA Executive Director

“My husband Dan and I attended the Tampa RV Supershow in 2019, and we learned so much from the Nomadic Living seminar led by Tara Sage! Before attending, I thought full time RV living was out of reach for us. But after hearing Tara speak, we were sold.

We not only bought a travel trailer that weekend and set the wheels in motion to go full time in 2020, we also registered for Tara and Carl’s Nomadic Living 101 Program to get a feel for what we would be in for. It was informational and enlightening.  In the program, they deal with questions about downsizing and all the ins and outs of RV living. Initially, we were worried about what family and friends would say. Were we crazy to think we could do this?

Because Tara and Carl have been through it and shared their knowledge, we’re now on track to do it too. Today we met with the realtor to sell our house! We are no longer waiting for “someday.” Today is our someday, and we’re excited!”

– Vickie Acebo-Carns, January 2020

The Tara’tour-y 😉

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Topics I’ve presented in the past include:

Fear to Clear: How to Prevent Fear from Slowing You Down & Take Clear-Minded Action for Success 

Fear is a normal natural part of being human, yet too often it slows down even the bravest of brave. Fear can sabotage your success, even without your awareness! How is fear slowing down YOUR success? Come find out. Learn the proven steps to bravely reclaim your power over fear and s-t-r-e-t-c-h into taking swift forward-focused action with newfound clarity, confidence, and momentum.

  • Shine a light on fear’s role and learn a proven psychological process to manage and minimize its influence.
  • Learn how to harness the gifts of fear and the fuel for change.
  • Define your brave next steps for swift, empowered, forward-focused action.

Dreaming Out Loud! 

Personal growth has never been so much fun! If you are feeling restless, uninspired, and wondering what’s next, get ready to break free of all the “shoulds” and “same-old-same-olds” and step into the freedom and excitement of the “because I want to’s.” Learn life lessons through laughter and connect with excitiement energy, passion potential, and massive momentum and motivation. Powerfully connect with your dreams and goals and be inspired by the dreams of goals of others – all while having a blast! (While a full-day program by design, content can be scaled to meet any timeline.)

  • Be inspired to dream BIG and take the next steps to bring those dreams to life. (It’s never too late.)
  • Gain resources and an understanding of the power in sharing and declaring your dreams.
  • Learn how to access and embrace the joy and ease of manifestation and remove obstacles to your success.

Strengthen Your Personal Foundation, Revitalize Your Energy & Passion for Life 

Tired of feeling scattered, frustrated, and wanting things to be different but unclear and intimidated about where to start? From exactly where you are, learn how to go from exhausted to inspired and powerfully reclaim your precious energy. Time management is one level, energy management is another. Go beyond theories of change and engage in a practical, easy-to-follow process for exactly how and where to focus your energy and efforts: create new habits, communicate with ease, watch time expand for you, and never again feel like life is happening TO you. 

  • Quickly gain stable footing with powerful assessments and specific tools to strengthen the foundation that all areas of your life are being built on.
  • See how to powerfully and immediately reclaim your precious energy.
  • Engage in practical, proven, easy-to-follow strategies to confidently steer your life in the direction of your own choosing.

Speak Up! How to Cultivate Your Authentic Voice & Become a Confident Public Speaker

Fear of public speaking, also termed ‘glossophobia,’ is known to be the most common fear. As you grow in leadership, both personally and professionally, it is imperative you become a confident, engaging speaker. You’ve got something to say. Tara teaches how to be the most effective, clear, commanding presence you can be in the delivery of your message.

  • Learn specific techniques to amp up your confidence as a speaker.
  • Learn how to cultivate your authentic voice, hone your public speaking skills,
    mobilize your message, and gain your audience’s respect.
  • Practice implementing the skills and techniques that you learn.

Dream Acceleration Retreat Weekend

Tara provides customized retreat weekends for groups of 12 or more.

  • Be inspired to dream BIG and take the next steps to bring those dreams to life. (It’s never too late.)
  • Gain resources and an understanding of the power in sharing and declaring your dreams.
  • Learn how to access and embrace the joy and ease of manifestation and remove obstacles to your success.

Past events include:


Featured Speaker at the Florida RV Supershow, 2019, 2020, 2022


Daylong “Dreaming Out Loud” program at The Comedy Connection in Rhode Island


Keynote speaker for the LadiesDC Mentorship Program: “The Three Keys to a Successful Mentorship Experience”


“Speak Up: How to Cultivate Your Authentic Voice and Become a Confident Public Speaker” seminar for LadiesDC members with spotlight in Ladies America News Brief, Washington DC


“Dream Acceleration 101”, career day at Tunxis College, CT


“Fear to clear: How to take clear minded action for success”, Career Network Ministry, McLean, VA


“Creating a Strong Personal Foundation for Sustainable Business”, UMASS Entrepreneurial Training Program 


“Dreaming Out Loud”, PVD Lady Summit, Providence, RI


“Goal setting for the New Year”, Intl. Association of Administrative Professionals in MA


“Create Your Naysayer Navigation Plan”, Twin River Women’s Expo, RI


Hired as Keynote Speaker for “Gals on the Go” event in Oregon 


Nomadic Adventure Club retreat weekend, Knoxville, TN


Private retreats, in Maine, Tennessee, Rhode Island… 


Book signing events, and more…

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