Reintroducing the Brule Breakers Club 

Reintroducing the Brule Breakers Club 

Reintroducing the Brule Breakers Club 

You know that feeling when you WISH things were different – in your life, in your career, in your business, your relationships, your finances, your health, your day-to-day life – but you just can’t see or understand how to actually make those desired changes stick? 

Well, if you know that feeling, if you know what I’m talking about, then I know how you feel.

There was a time in my life – before my business, before my book, before my speaking career – when I was in a job that I hated. I was drowning in student loan debt and living in a basement apartment with my cat. Feeling utterly trapped, I absolutely WISHED things were different but I was struggling to see my way out.

While desperately wanting something different, it felt like salt on my wounds when others (smart, caring, well-meaning people) thought my circumstances were NORMAL. 

It’s considered surprisingly normal to have student loan debt that’ll take decades to pay off. It’s considered entirely normal to work at a job you tolerate, to live for weekends and dread Mondays. And it’s considered normal to be tired, frazzled, and feel like there’s never enough hours in the day. 

And, sadly, it’s considered normal for the dreams you have for your life to gather dust.

Sometimes, being “normal” and doing all the “right” things can mean that you are silently (or maybe not so silently) suffering … all while people around you say, “this is just the way it is.” 

By default, in this “it’s just the way it is”-paradigm, what’s abnormal is joy. (So much so that it’s treated with suspicion!) Deep satisfaction, too, is abnormal, an anomaly. In this paradigm, prioritizing self-actualization is met with confusion. 

And pursuing a story-worthy life without regrets is not only generally considered odd, but ridiculous and irresponsible.

While I didn’t know what to call it at the time, I eventually grew to understand that all of this is the result of a society steeped in “brules.”

I discovered how bullshit rules (a.k.a. “BRULES”) were fueling unhelpful narratives, narratives that often keep people from believing in and pursuing their dreams and goals. 

“Working in a strong career track is responsible and I should stay no matter how much I hate it.”

“Given the amount of student loan debt, I better embrace basement dwelling because it’s affordable.”

“It’s better to be safe than risk it all and be sorry.”

I discovered how these “facts of life” and “this is the way it is” beliefs were bullshit limits. And I discovered how brules – social constructs and commonly held beliefs that are so baked-in to our cultural understanding and worldview that they generally go unnoticed and unquestioned – were ruling not only my life, but the lives of ALL of us. 

I was doing the “responsible thing.”

But feeling trapped and miserable. 

And keeping myself away from my dreams. 

So, I set out to learn how to break them.

And it changed everything.

From there, I redesigned my whole life, blazed the trail of my own business, and even wrote books on the topic. And now, I’ve created The Brule Breakers Club so that YOU can break brules and live differently too.

Reintroducing the Brule Breakers Club 

The Brule Breakers Club is a space that supports and encourages you to realize that change is possible, that what you WANT is possible.

That ALL that you want is possible. 

Your dream life, dream career, dream finances, dream relationships and living situations. Your dream travels…

Whatever your dreams are, they are POSSIBLE, if you break the brules that tell you you can’t. 

This is why I’m reintroducing The Brule Breakers Club. In the Brule Breakers Club we help make it easier and safer for you to feel empowered to make the changes you want. All based on all the intrinsic reasons and motivations that express and align with the biggest most self-actualized version of YOU.

It’s a supportive, immersive, welcoming community of dreamers and doers.

It is where, together, we demystify the applied psychology of change so that you can create from a new level of consciousness and empowerment.

The Brule Breakers Club is where we do the work of deconstructing brules, identifying default patterns, and challenging psychological and behavioral blind spots so that you can live your life without false limitations.

It’s where complex behavioral and psychological concepts get turned into super accessible, user-friendly, easy-to-apply strategies that help you experience more joy and wellbeing in your life.

It is where – through monthly modules, weekly discussions, coaching, community, classes and more – you learn to spot the brules that KEEP you from being, doing, and having ALL that you truly desire.

The Brule Breakers Club is a place to practice creating conscious pattern interruptions that’ll open you up to expansive new realms of possibility so that you are in action on designing and creating life on your own terms.

It’s where we break unhelpful habits, rethink false logic, untwine conflated ideas, and celebrate breakthroughs. Said another way, we shine a light on things that seem true or seem like part of your personality or “just the way it is,” but that are actually optional, malleable, negotiable, and sometimes blatantly false.

So… if you long for a space to challenge and reinvent parts of yourself, to see your blind spots, deconstruct your limits, and create a vision for your life that is all your own…

If you want to break brules, not for the sake of rebellion, but in the spirit of self-expression and self-actualization…

If you want to step into being the next-level you, following your dreams and enjoying the process of growth and expansion…

And if you understand that change takes time, commitment, devotion, patience, love, curiosity, a willingness to do things differently, and that there’s no magic pill…

… consider this your personal invitation. ❤

Your invitation to break the brules that have kept your dreams at arm’s length, until now.

Your invitation to make your relationship with yourself your number one priority.

It’s your invitation to join the most supportive space online, to have a community of friends and an expert coach cheering you on as you empower and elevate yourself and your life.

It is absolutely amazing what happens and how your dream life takes shape when you make this kind of commitment and show up for it consistently over time. By staying engaged and diligently holding up your end of the bargain – identifying, challenging, and removing any and all brules from your sphere – shifts happen, the kind that stop holding you back and stop keeping you from your dreams.

I want you to not only have that “oh, there I am!” feeling, I want you to confidently CREATE from it.

Come. Be a brule breaker with me, and with so many others. 

I want you to have your dreams, on your terms, and feel amazing in the process. 

>> Click here to join!

Big love, 

Applied Psychology Coach & Author of The Brules of Life