RV PRO article about us, Nomadic Living & RV Partnerships

RV PRO article about us, Nomadic Living & RV Partnerships

“A little more than a year ago, Tara Sage and her partner, Carl Oliver, made a fateful decision when they downsized their belongings, ended their lease, bought a travel trailer and hit the road to become full-time RV nomads.

Today, Sage and Oliver are showing others how it’s done through their Nomadic Living 101 video instruction series – while offering RV dealers the opportunity to tap into a revenue source in the process.”

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How Co-working Spaces Support Digital Nomads with Remote Work

Are YOU a digital nomad, entrepreneur, or remote work employee?

If so, you know that the search for remote work spaces, places where you can really buckle down and get things done, is par for the course.

There are huge perks to nomadic living and remote work opportunities … but when you live a nomadic lifestyle AND you work remotely, setting yourself up for productivity can be challenging.

coworking space, digital nomad Enter: Co-working spaces.

Co-working spaces provide an awesome alternative to, say … using a Verizon Jetpack at a picnic table … or milking your cell phone’s hotspot for an hour here and an hour there … or buying a coffee that you don’t really want at a cafe full of distractions just because they have decent wifi … or driving around until you find an open network and sitting in the car with your laptop on the center console. (I’ve done it.)

I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks in Burlington, VT this Fall, visiting family and getting in some leaf peeping. During my stay, I was so happy to find Blank Slate Coworking Space. Here, I was able to get some much-needed productive focused work-time in.

The co-working space not only offered me a quiet environment but I also had access to shared resources like secure wifi, a shared kitchen, printer, scanner, fax.  As you can see from the pictures, it is a beautiful inspiring space with high ceilings, big windows, and lots of seating options.

As is common with co-working spaces, Blank Slate Coworking, they offer memberships at varying levels.blank slate, coworking, digital nomad

They offer a $25 day pass, a 5 day per month membership for $80/mo, and two full-time membership options: $400/mo for a dedicated 7′ x 8′ cubicle, and $125/mo for a non-dedicated workspace. Membership also provides you with the added value of networking and collaboration opportunities that comes with rubbing elbows with like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators.

Are YOU a digital nomad or aspiring digital nomad?

Have you experienced the benefits of joining a co-working space?

What are some of your favorite co-working locations?

digital nomad, coworking