This is jet fuel for your dreams (and mine)

This is jet fuel for your dreams (and mine)

Ciao! I’m writing to you from the land of gelato, cannolis, pizza, espresso, the David statue, ancient architecture, cathedrals, museums, beauty, art, and deliciousness at every turn… 🇮🇹

I am here in Italy to attend a book publishing training, learning about how to best pursue a traditional publishing contract and fulfill my dream of writing a series of books that reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of readers around the world. (If you missed it, read my “who the frig do I think I am?” announcement.)

Since jet fuel got me here – literally and figuratively – today I’m going to share some dream-propelling jet fuel that you can put in YOUR tank!

First, a riddle:

If I’m in Italy, and you’re wherever you are, how could it be that we are both creating from the same place?

… 🤔

Answer: The “place” that we always create from, is: the present moment.

We can’t create from the past…

And we can’t create from the future…

The only moment accessible to us is RIGHT NOW.

It is from the present moment that we each set our desired futures into motion.

Your future is being created now, from exactly where you ARE.

What future are YOU creating for yourself in this right-now moment? 

Getting clear and defining WHAT you want is the critical first step in The Dream Acceleration Process.

From exactly where you are, notice:

  • What are you doing to embody your dream, NOW?
  • What aren’t you doing?
  • What actions are you taking or not taking, right now, to create real momentum towards what you WANT?

Honesty can only serve you here.

Clarity of vision is critical, but it’s NOT enough. 

When a client comes to me with their dreams – be it a dream business, dream relationship, dream home, travel dreams, creative dreams, dream body, dream job… whatever it is… the difference between their desired future and their current reality generally feels glaring, even massive! Like, “how will I ever…?”

This is when thoughts like “who the frig do I think I am?” tend to take hold – as they did for me with my book dreams.

This is where many coaches say “stay in the vision.”

I say, “Stay in the vision AND let’s do an energy inventory.”

Step 2 of my signature Dream Acceleration Process is: Manage Your Precious Energy.

Managing your energy is a strategy that is core to ANY dream coming to life.

It is the basis for how you choose to spend your time, manage your thoughts and fears, actions and inactions.

Without it, fear and doubt take over, old patterns run the show and undermine progress, again and again and again…

By taking a step back and doing my guided in-depth Energy Inventory – assessing the totality of where your precious energy is currently being spent – this provides you with eye-opening information and the opportunity to make new, empowered, course-correcting choices.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times. THIS STEP is a turning point on the journey to dream acceleration (which, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know, is really about self-actualization).

WITHOUT this step…

…you’ll continue to do what you know how to do in the ways you know how to do them

…you’ll seek comfort in the familiar, instead of taking action that stretches you and creates your desired future

…all while hoping and wishing for a breakthrough, getting more and more discouraged and energetically depleted.

👆This is where dreams die.

The alternative is SOOO much better!

Taking stock and doing a comprehensive inventory of your energy, how and where you spend it, forever shifts your perspective and your choices going forward.

You gain clear answers to questions like:

  • Where are you giving more energy to what you DON’T want than what you DO want? ***This picture will become strikingly clear.
  • Where is your energy being spent in ways that are circling the drain? ***Reclaiming this energy will have you feeling refueled, sustained, abundant, renewed.
  • Where are you spending energy in a way that fuels, sustains, and inspires you? ***Hint: Do more of this.

Questions like these are a powerful place to start, but they are just the beginning.

The awareness gained from Step 2 of The Dream Acceleration Process becomes JET FUEL that’ll have you immediately re-prioritizing where, and how, you invest your time, energy, and attention going forward.

🔥 Instead of constantly over-giving in ways that keep you busy staying still, you’ll be able to take action to bring your dreams into your life NOW.

🔥 Instead of spending energy worrying and wondering where the people and resources you need are, you’ll shift to being able to find, see, and attract meaningful connections and resources.

🔥 Instead of your precious energy continuing to circle or going straight down the drain, you’ll reclaim it and then powerfully reinvest it in choices that support and align with your desired results.

🔥 Instead of “hating on” what irritates you, you’ll start appreciating and gaining insight and awareness that’ll have you organically choosing what is kind to your system and brings more ease and flow and results into your life.

Small shifts add up to significant rewards and new approaches that stick!

In The Dream Acceleration Program, together, we clarify and remove the obstacles.

We strategically plan and create a road map for exactly how to go from your current circumstances, to a far bigger version of who you are and how you get to live.

Blind spots vanish, new possibilities emerge, and the life you thought you couldn’t have quickly becomes REAL.

Powerful, life-changing stuff.

If you’ve put your own dreams in a box for later or “someday,” all while spending energy on what irritates you, what you DON’T want, and just getting through the day … I want to help.

Ready for another way? Let’s talk.

Ciao for now!

Who the frig do I think I AM?!

Who the frig do I think I AM?!

I have a dream that makes my insides shake. 

It’s visceral. Just the thought has me squealing… and a bit nauseous, like the urgent need to find a chair in the shade is all there is.

When I coach someone, anyone, on dream acceleration, the first step is always clarifying and declaring WHAT you want – in this case, what I want.

Sounds simple enough. But, given the noise of the world, societal norms, “shoulds,” the expectations of others, and your own sense of limitation… defining what you want can often be very confusing, even confronting! 

I’ve achieved many of my own dreams over the years, and they all started out that way.

Things like: a travel-filled lifestyle, a location-independent business doing work I love, the joy of knowing I help people realize their dreams and rediscover themselves, time freedom, love and partnership, tacos whenever I want… 😉

Naming your dreams, acknowledging your dreams, giving voice to what is in your heart, and imagining what might be possible, is such a powerful and critical step.  

Even if

  • you have no idea how in the world to make it happen…
  • people tell you your dreams are impossible…
  • you YOURSELF doubt that they are possible!

Your dreams, like mine, are fuel on your path to self-actualization.

At this stage, you do NOT need to know HOW to get what you want. 

Owning the clarity of WHAT you want is not – I repeat! – is NOT, not even the tiniest bit, about also knowing HOW to get it. That comes later.

This can be freeing, if you allow it to be. Even if your stomach is turning inside out, which might just be an unavoidable part of the experience. 🤢

In this case, it is for me.

My dream is to author an entire Book of Brules series, that reaches MILLIONS of people around the world. (Eeek!) 

Millions, is no joke. Hundreds of thousands even, is no joke.

And it isn’t likely to happen by accident.  

Sooooo… when I learned of a training, happening in ITALY, about how to write a killer book proposal, to pitch to a literary agent, in an effort to get representation, to secure a traditional publishing deal contract for you, a 6-figure advance to write your book, positioning you to reach millions of readers … I felt like I got struck by lightning. 

“Ohmygod,” I thought, “I need to be there.”


“Imma gonna go!” 🇮🇹

That’s when all hell broke loose. 

“HOW am I going to be there??” 

It felt like what it would take to actually GET myself there, would break my brain. 

There was the investment of time, money, and logistics, of course. But even more than all that, EVERY self-doubting inner saboteur was on fire, like they had just been waiting for this very moment to 🔥blaze🔥and give me a whopping smoke-filled plume of “who do you think you are?”

My thoughts went haywire. 

I called friends. 

I cried big scared horse tears. 

Who am I to think I could actually DO this?!

Seriously. Who am I to think little ol’ me could get a traditional book deal?!

Who am I to think I could walk into that room and think that I am a contender for a 6-figure advance to write my next book?!

My first book in the series, The Brules of Life, was a beast of a project, a labor of love that I have ZERO regrets about investing in. But – to be clear, I paid a book coach, and an editor, and a cover designer. I was published under a small independent publishing house and had a very successful launch on Amazon, but after that, I was on my own. My highest “payment” from sales isn’t the $5 per book commission I earn, it’s the deep gratification of knowing the impact the book has on the lives of those who read it.

Back to that blazing inner saboteur…

Who am I to walk into that room, alongside 8-figure business owners with hundreds of thousands of followers, and think that my little biz, with my 5,000 or so followers, could be eligible for such a thing?

Like, on what planet does that make sense? Who am I to walk into a room of powerhouse people with more success, more notoriety, more backing, and more influence than me … and think that I belong?

Who am I to think my books could reach MILLIONS?

I mean, really, Tara. Put down the coffee, and get a grip.




A few days went by. 

My brain and body processed. 

I ate too much.
I exercised a lot. 
There were lots of deep breaths. 

I asked for guidance.

Eventually, my nervous system began to settle. 

I like to think that maybe it was the spirit of my sweet Italian grandmother (Margherita Angelina Lena Cominelli Giannoni, we called her Rita 😉 ) giving me a loving nudge, when, a counter-thought to all that fear and doubt and who-the-frig-did-I-think-I-was surfaced in the form of a new question:

“Why not me?”   

Hmmm….. yeh…. why the frig NOT me?????

I immediately noticed how much better that question felt to be asking.

From THAT space, I decided to apply for the training. I filled out the application. I gave thoughtful answers to their thoughtful questions. I hit send. 

The narrative behind my self-talk had shifted: “Why not me? Why NOT me?…” 

As I tell my clients… you get to dream big, bold, beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, I-have-no-idea-how-to-make-it-happen dreams!

And so do I. I get to dream big, bold, beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, I-have-no-idea-how-to-make-it-happen dreams!

I also get to decide to show up, as the Big Me, and trust and believe that my dreams can be made real. That there IS a way. Even if I can’t see how yet.

I can choose to put faith in the truth of my desires, trusting that my dreams are in my heart for a reason.

That showing up for them, believing they are possible, despite all seeming evidence to the contrary, IS the powermove. 

Over these next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more as it all unfolds. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I want it to be helpful – not just to me and my dreams, but to you and yours. 

What I know is this:

“How” shows up when you do. 

Shrinking your dreams down, because you think that’s more practical, isn’t. All that does is water down your dreams, diminish their energy and their spark, and make yourself smaller in the process. 

Let’s NOT do that.

Dream the dream that has ENERGY in it, the one that saying it out loud makes you quiver. 

The one that, in order for you to REALIZE it, requires you to grow and become a next level version of yourself. 

Decide to BE the person who grows into your belief that it’s possible. 

Make quantum leap decisions that align with the person who would REALIZE that dream.  

Activate that “why not me?” confidence and “I’m doing it” terror er, I mean, excitement.

Show up in the room.

Stay tuned…


Tara Sage

PS – If you’re ready to go after your dreams, I know how scary it can be, and I’m doing this right along with you. I’ve gone through my own Dream Acceleration Process countless times and here I am embarking on it yet again, with this dream. Let’s do it together! I will support you through it, every step of the way. Book a session now so we can determine your best plan of action.


Another way to pay yourself

Another way to pay yourself

What is most important to budget?

Financial advisers recommend: “pay yourself first.” In other words, put money into some version of a savings account. Good practical advice. I think we can all agree that creating a budget and being conscious about your spending is a valuable practice.

As a coach, I want to offer yet another way to Pay Yourself First – AND (bonus) it’s one that you won’t have to wait years to reap the benefits of.

In a similar fashion to budgeting your money, what if you were to take a good hard look at how and where you’re spending your precious ENERGY in a day, a week, a month.

Do you know where your energy is going? (I mean ALL of it.)

In the course of any given day, you only have so much energy. That’s your budget for the day. Honoring this fact means recognizing that each and every morsel of your energy is downright precious!

From the big stuff to the small stuff (think “latte factor”), spending your precious energy unconsciously is a grand and costly mistake – one that adds up quickly and one that I see far too many making, FAR too often.

On the flip side, spending your precious energy wisely, and consciously, creates instant and awesome results!

In Step 2 of my Dream Acceleration Program, we dive in and do a comprehensive energy inventory so that you get the full picture of where your precious energy is being spent. Once this is clear and known, it’s then about making informed, empowered, conscious decisions about how and where you’ll spend your precious energy going forward.

Sounds simple enough. And it is!

Simple – but not easy.

It takes a dedicated effort and willingness to reassess where you are choosing to spend your precious energy. From this powerful new awareness, with elevated respect for your energy, you’ll then have the enormously powerful opportunity to begin to reclaim and refocus the energy that was previously going down the drain. By choosing instead to focus and invest it into creating and living your dreams, and into living a life that you simply can’t wait to get up-and-out-of-bed-for-in-the-morning, you become energy rich!

It’s a pivotal turning point. One that makes all the difference, and it happens fast!

Like magic, you not only free up ENERGY – but suddenly you start to feel like you also have more TIME.

Suddenly, there’s enough. 😊

Ready to STOP living for later and create the momentum needed to really accelerate the realization of your dreams? Ready to course-correct those areas of your life that aren’t fully aligned for you, and get on the fast-track to more ease and JOY?  —->  Energy Management is your golden ticket.

It is time to pay yourself first for the ultimate Return On Investment: a life of no regrets, no wondering about what could’ve been. Refuel YOUR energetic tank so that you can move forward from a place of abundance and overflow, instead of feeling depleted, exhausted, running on fumes, and running in place.

Pay yourself first , and get ready to consciously and confidently steer your life forward in the direction of your own choosing.

The Dream Acceleration Program is enrolling now.

No more living for later.

No more remorse, or regret, or wondering what could’ve been.

Creating a life you love is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Let’s get this party started, now.

Together, we’ll walk through my proven 9-step process so you go from scattered, overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and unsure … to clear, confident, energized, and quickly living your dreams – finally.

Have questions? Let’s talk.

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,

“But what do I get for my coaching investment?”

“But what do I get for my coaching investment?”

“I really want to work with a coach. But what do I GET for my investment, you know?”

A woman at one of my book signing events asked me this, expressing interest in coaching and skepticism in coaching – all in one breath.

She told me about almost hiring a coach earlier this year, but ultimately deciding not to because the coach couldn’t “convince” her [read: provide her certainty about] what she would GET for the price of coaching.

A valid question. I certainly understand the intangibility of it, and how investing in coaching can feel like a chicken-and-egg question.

I mean, when you pay for, say, a new phone, you get …a new phone.

When you pay for a trip to Spain you get a trip to Spain.

But when you pay for COACHING, what do you GET??

Let’s unpack this a bit.

Imagine you and I are having this conversation, and you ask: “When I pay for coaching, what do I GET? What’s the promised outcome? Not how much time and personal attention do I get from you, Tara … but what is the result I RECEIVE? After paying money for this service, what will I have to show for it? What’s my ROI gonna be?”

My first question to you is: 

“What do you WANT it to be?” “What results do you WANT?” “How will you measure your own success?” “How will you know when you have succeeded at creating your dream life?” “What specifically will that look like and feel like to YOU?” “When you imagine your no-vacation-needed, deeply satisfying, regrets-free life, what do you see? Paint me THAT picture so that I can see it with you.”

👆 These are all versions of the same critical question.

Step 1 of my signature Dream Acceleration Process is: DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT.

(For many people, this step is the most challenging of them all.)

Once you’re able to define what you WANT, it is a lot easier to:

(1) Go after it.
(2) Invest in it.

(3) Ensure that you get it!

Your dream is my dream. And when we roll up our sleeves together about it … buckle up!


⭐  Finding the right support for you 
⭐  Finding a coach that you jive with 

⭐  Finding a proven process that’s going to quicken your results 

⭐  Finding someone who will hold you accountable and guide you forward with care, commitment, and respect 

⭐  Investing in yourself in this way

… what you GET is life-changing.

What you get is your dream and the right support for your journey.

Getting clear on what you want is what we do in The No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint Training

Already know what you want and ready to set yourself up with support to accelerate your path to getting it? Check out The Dream Acceleration Program

YOU are your best asset. You are worth investing in, right now, from exactly where you are.

Ready to take that first step to discover your dreams and how you’re going to start living them right now?  Book a free Session with Tara

Tara Sage

The Dream Acceleration Push-Pull Effect

The Dream Acceleration Push-Pull Effect


It’s what propelled Laurie to fulfill her dream to move to Costa Rica.

It’s what propelled David to make a major career shift so he could reprioritize time with his family.

It’s what propelled Friderike to double her income while growing her business in a way that felt fun.

It’s what propelled Janina to leave her corporate career and set out toward entrepreneurship, empowered with a new kind of confidence.

It’s what propelled Tom to make his acting career come alive.

It’s what propelled Lisa to launch her career as a professional organizer while also creating the time-freedom she so desired…

These are just a few examples.

I call it the Dream Acceleration Push-Pull Effect, and it can be dream-propelling jet fuel for the life you dream of … a life that, right now, perhaps you think you cannot have.

Here’s how it works.

Your deepest, truest, dreams and goals PUSH you out of your comfort zone. They inspire and push you to reach for what you want. (This, in a nutshell, is the Push Effect, and why it’s so important to get clear and stake a claim to your deepest, truest dreams and desires.)

And – the prospect of who you get to be, PULLS you. It PULLS you toward self-mastery. It PULLS you toward full-expression. It PULLS you toward self-actualization. It PULLS you into your potential, seducing and inviting you to step into BEING the Big You, to reach deep within yourself and develop into the person your dreams require you to BE in order for their fulfillment. It PULLS and compels you to grow.

The power of the Dream Acceleration Push-Pull Effect is NOT to be underestimated!

But it’s tough – sometimes impossible – to do it on your own.

Remember when I talked to you about curiosity last week? About building the muscle of changing your perspective, of seeing and bringing in POSSIBILITIES where none seemed to exist before?

This happens when we are in a space with the people that help us s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

We start to feel the benefits of this Push-Pull Effect when we are open to that kind of environment.

And that’s exactly what my clients do in our work together.

That’s exactly the kind of environment I create.

hirReady to find out for yourself?

Let’s do a Session with Tara, a free 1:1 assessment call where we will talk about your goals and your dreams and all the things that haven’t felt possible before, so we can get that dream-propelling jet fuel ignited for you, so that you can learn how to apply this for yourself to the life you dream of. You’ll walk away from our call not only with more confidence in your dreams and goals, but also with a roadmap to understanding exactly how to make them REAL.

To success on your own terms,

Tara Sage