This is jet fuel for your dreams (and mine)

This is jet fuel for your dreams (and mine)

Ciao! I’m writing to you from the land of gelato, cannolis, pizza, espresso, the David statue, ancient architecture, cathedrals, museums, beauty, art, and deliciousness at every turn… 🇮🇹

I am here in Italy to attend a book publishing training, learning about how to best pursue a traditional publishing contract and fulfill my dream of writing a series of books that reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of readers around the world. (If you missed it, read my “who the frig do I think I am?” announcement.)

Since jet fuel got me here – literally and figuratively – today I’m going to share some dream-propelling jet fuel that you can put in YOUR tank!

First, a riddle:

If I’m in Italy, and you’re wherever you are, how could it be that we are both creating from the same place?

… 🤔

Answer: The “place” that we always create from, is: the present moment.

We can’t create from the past…

And we can’t create from the future…

The only moment accessible to us is RIGHT NOW.

It is from the present moment that we each set our desired futures into motion.

Your future is being created now, from exactly where you ARE.

What future are YOU creating for yourself in this right-now moment? 

Getting clear and defining WHAT you want is the critical first step in The Dream Acceleration Process.

From exactly where you are, notice:

  • What are you doing to embody your dream, NOW?
  • What aren’t you doing?
  • What actions are you taking or not taking, right now, to create real momentum towards what you WANT?

Honesty can only serve you here.

Clarity of vision is critical, but it’s NOT enough. 

When a client comes to me with their dreams – be it a dream business, dream relationship, dream home, travel dreams, creative dreams, dream body, dream job… whatever it is… the difference between their desired future and their current reality generally feels glaring, even massive! Like, “how will I ever…?”

This is when thoughts like “who the frig do I think I am?” tend to take hold – as they did for me with my book dreams.

This is where many coaches say “stay in the vision.”

I say, “Stay in the vision AND let’s do an energy inventory.”

Step 2 of my signature Dream Acceleration Process is: Manage Your Precious Energy.

Managing your energy is a strategy that is core to ANY dream coming to life.

It is the basis for how you choose to spend your time, manage your thoughts and fears, actions and inactions.

Without it, fear and doubt take over, old patterns run the show and undermine progress, again and again and again…

By taking a step back and doing my guided in-depth Energy Inventory – assessing the totality of where your precious energy is currently being spent – this provides you with eye-opening information and the opportunity to make new, empowered, course-correcting choices.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times. THIS STEP is a turning point on the journey to dream acceleration (which, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know, is really about self-actualization).

WITHOUT this step…

…you’ll continue to do what you know how to do in the ways you know how to do them

…you’ll seek comfort in the familiar, instead of taking action that stretches you and creates your desired future

…all while hoping and wishing for a breakthrough, getting more and more discouraged and energetically depleted.

👆This is where dreams die.

The alternative is SOOO much better!

Taking stock and doing a comprehensive inventory of your energy, how and where you spend it, forever shifts your perspective and your choices going forward.

You gain clear answers to questions like:

  • Where are you giving more energy to what you DON’T want than what you DO want? ***This picture will become strikingly clear.
  • Where is your energy being spent in ways that are circling the drain? ***Reclaiming this energy will have you feeling refueled, sustained, abundant, renewed.
  • Where are you spending energy in a way that fuels, sustains, and inspires you? ***Hint: Do more of this.

Questions like these are a powerful place to start, but they are just the beginning.

The awareness gained from Step 2 of The Dream Acceleration Process becomes JET FUEL that’ll have you immediately re-prioritizing where, and how, you invest your time, energy, and attention going forward.

🔥 Instead of constantly over-giving in ways that keep you busy staying still, you’ll be able to take action to bring your dreams into your life NOW.

🔥 Instead of spending energy worrying and wondering where the people and resources you need are, you’ll shift to being able to find, see, and attract meaningful connections and resources.

🔥 Instead of your precious energy continuing to circle or going straight down the drain, you’ll reclaim it and then powerfully reinvest it in choices that support and align with your desired results.

🔥 Instead of “hating on” what irritates you, you’ll start appreciating and gaining insight and awareness that’ll have you organically choosing what is kind to your system and brings more ease and flow and results into your life.

Small shifts add up to significant rewards and new approaches that stick!

In The Dream Acceleration Program, together, we clarify and remove the obstacles.

We strategically plan and create a road map for exactly how to go from your current circumstances, to a far bigger version of who you are and how you get to live.

Blind spots vanish, new possibilities emerge, and the life you thought you couldn’t have quickly becomes REAL.

Powerful, life-changing stuff.

If you’ve put your own dreams in a box for later or “someday,” all while spending energy on what irritates you, what you DON’T want, and just getting through the day … I want to help.

Ready for another way? Let’s talk.

Ciao for now!