Push or pull? Both. Here’s why

Push or pull? Both. Here’s why

It’s what propelled Laurie to fulfill her dream to move to Costa Rica.

It’s what propelled David to make a major career shift so he could reprioritize time with his family.

Also what propelled Friderike to double her income while growing her business in a way that felt fun.

It’s what propelled Janina to leave her corporate career and set out toward entrepreneurship, empowered with a new kind of confidence.

It’s what propelled Tom to make his acting career come alive.

And it’s what propelled Lisa to launch her career as a professional organizer while also creating the time-freedom she so desired…

These are just a few examples.

I call it the Dream Acceleration Push-Pull Effect, and it can be dream-propelling jet fuel for the life you dream of … a life that, right now, perhaps you think you cannot have.

Here’s how it works. 

Your deepest, truest, dreams and goals PUSH you out of your comfort zone. They inspire and push you to reach for what you want. (This, in a nutshell, is the Push Effect, and why it’s so important to get clear and stake a claim to your deepest, truest dreams and desires.)

And the prospect of who you get to be PULLS you. It PULLS you toward self-mastery. It PULLS you toward full expression. And it PULLS you toward self-actualization. It PULLS you into your potential, seducing and inviting you to step into BEING the Big You, to reach deep within yourself and develop into the person your dreams require you to BE in order for their fulfillment. It PULLS and compels you to grow.

The power of the Dream Acceleration Push-Pull Effect is NOT to be underestimated!

But it’s tough – sometimes impossible – to do it on your own.

When we are in a space with people that help us S-T-R-E-T-C-H, we build the muscle of changing our perspective, of seeing and bringing in POSSIBILITIES where none seemed to exist before.

When you are open to that kind of environment, you start to feel the benefits of this PUSH-PULL EFFECT.

That’s exactly the kind of environment I create.

Ready to find out for yourself?

Let’s do a Session with Tara, a free 1:1 assessment call where we will talk about your goals and your dreams and all of the things that haven’t felt possible before so we can get that dream-propelling jet fuel ignited for you, so that you can learn how to apply this for yourself to the life you dream of. You’ll walk away from our call not only with more confidence in your dreams and goals, but also with a roadmap to understanding exactly how to make them REAL.

Yours in the push, and the pull,

Tara Sage

What kind of dreamer are YOU?

What kind of dreamer are YOU?

Are YOU a Driven Dreamer or a Running-in-place Dreamer?
How do YOU respond to a “set back”, or when fears pop up telling you don’t have enough (fill in the blank)…?
Here’s the scoop on what sets driven dreamers apart from running-in-place dreamers:
First, running-in-place dreamers see fear as the *reason* to stay put.
They believe fear to be a legitimate warning sign.
They buy into the false belief that if you’re uncomfortable, that must mean it’s not the right time or it’s a “sign from the universe” that it’s the wrong thing to do.
This is just plain old not true — a self-sabotaging thought pattern.
It’s a textbook trick of the ego-mind that, if you buy into it, will keep you playing small and keep you waiting for “someday”.
Sadly, until you break out of this belief pattern, “someday” never comes.
In contrast, what Driven Dreamers do … is they make the decision, *once* to do something, and then they breathe into it and follow through. They do it despite excuses and fear of lack/success/failure.
Fritz Perls (a German-born psychotherapist) said, “Fear is excitement without the breath.” 
What this means is that the less breath you feed your fear, the bigger your fear gets. In contrast, the more you breathe into it, the more your excitement will take a front seat, and the more fear will ease.
Big, easy breaths really are an antidote to fear.
Combine THIS with an unwavering commitment to follow through, not buying into your own excuses, and you become unstoppable.
Each and every breath is literally an opportunity to transform fear into excitement about what’s possible.
Each and every breath is literally an opportunity to decide to go from a place of limitation, to a place of expansion and to move into truly living from a place of possibility.
Where do YOU see yourself in this?
Are YOU a driven obstacles-have-nothing-on-me dreamer … or are you a running-in-place, fear-takes-me-out-again-and-again dreamer?
Ready to get on track to really accelerate the fulfillment of YOUR dreams?
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To your success,
Tara Sage