How to shorten your to-do list

How to shorten your to-do list

This accidental poem fell out of my mouth during a recent client coaching call:

“You don’t have to hate it, to delegate it.”  

(I’m a poet and I didn’t even realize it. 😉)

Look, here’s the thing: Just because you’re *able* to do something, and just because you don’t totally dislike doing that thing, does not mean it is best that YOU do it.

Hear me on this!

Competency does not = required to be done by you. 

In other words, just because you CAN does not mean you HAVE TO. 

** Most people assume (or at least act like) it does. Consider this one more way you can be different than the masses and color outside the lines of groupthink.  **

Another common belief that often trips people up is the belief that you need to be rich to start handing off your “things I’m capable of doing but don’t necessarily adore doing” list. 

No. You do not need to be rich. 

What you do need, though, is to be willing to realign your priorities. 

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if I asked you “What do you want so badly it hurts?” and “What do you wish you could devote your energy to 100%?” … that the following things would NOT be on that list:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry
  • Paying bills
  • Cleaning
  • Troubleshooting with tech support in an online chat
  • Getting your printer to work
  • Sitting on hold with customer service

… just to name a few.


One thing my private clients and I often work on together is building their Dream Team – their support team – because, truth be told, the ONLY way to ever even come CLOSE to doing the top things you wish you could devote all your energy to… is going to require that you: 

(1) get super efficient with your time

(2) be super discerning and diligent about how you manage your energy, and 

(3) that you delegate tasks to others


Nothing shoots your dreams and joys in the foot faster than “I have to do everything by myself” beliefs. 

In order to free your time, your energy, your creativity, and in order to be able and available to focus on and DO more of what you’re wanting to … you’ll need to stop with the “I do it all” nonsense. (Bossy, I know. I’m not sorry about it. I’m on your team!) 

So, to help with this effort, today I’m sharing a few valuable tips and tools so that you can experience MORE of the delights and benefits available to you – all by intentionally simplifying, outsourcing, systematizing, and delegating. Yay!

Please note: None of the links below are referral links. I don’t earn anything for referring you to these websites or companies. I share because I care. (Hey, another poem!) 😊

Ok, here they are, in no particular order: 

  • TaskRabbit – An online marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing customers to find help with everyday tasks, including furniture assembly, moving, delivery, and handyperson work. 
  • Fiverr – This online platform connects freelancers to people or businesses looking to hire for a diverse range of skills, delivered virtually. 
  • Upwork – Like Fiverr, this online platform connects freelancers to people or businesses looking to hire for a diverse range of professional services, from short projects to full-time positions.
  • Geeksquad – Offering both in-person and remote support to solve computer problems, get troubleshooting support for a range of products and tech questions, or finally learn how to use all the buttons on that remote control. 🙂 
  • FancyHands –  This online platform connects you with a large team of virtual assistants able to get tasks done for you, day and night. 
  • Peapod – A great time-saver that allows you to order your groceries online and have them delivered to your doorstep, be it once a week or once a month.
  • Rover – This worldwide online marketplace is a global network for pet care. No matter where you are, you can book a trusted person to care for your cat, or walk your dog, be it day-time services or overnight care.

Lord knows, there are countless ways to use technology to support you!

Like, for example… 

  • Maybe you set up automated payments for all your monthly bills (resulting in one less to-do on your list).  
  • Maybe you set Alexa to play your favorite workout playlist at the exact time you’ve promised yourself you’ll exercise. 

Speaking of exercise, do you have a gym membership? If so… 

  • Go VIP by springing for a locker rental. Get yourself duplicates of your favorite shampoo, deodorant, etc. and store them in your locker along with a few outfits, protein shake mix, and whatever else helps you feel supported. This way, each time you go to the gym, you can go directly from the gym to wherever you’re headed next with one less thing you need to think about or plan ahead for. This’ll help ensure you get your workout in and have more ease in your day. 

Decide that you are worth it. 

Little decisions to invest in yourself add up and can make a big difference!

Here’s one more tip … 

Do you miss friends and family and wish you talked more often? 

  • Make a list of who those people are. Reach out to them and propose setting up regularly scheduled phone-dates so that you stay in touch and ensure too much time doesn’t pass before you speak again. Easy-breezy.

Again, these are obviously just a few ideas. There are COUNTLESS ways to customize and find creative solutions based on your needs, resources, interests, priorities, etc.  

Pick one or two and start there.

Oh, and, psssst… 

Especially if you’re feeling short on cash…

This list of resources and companies aren’t just places you can hire from. Many of them are also places you can set up an account, create a profile, and provide services through. Be it renting out your guest bedroom on Airbnb, or offering your love of gardening to the lady with the unkept yard down the street, or providing editing services, or dog walking, or app building, or face painting, or whatever your talents are … you can use one or more of these freelance platforms to earn yourself some extra money. (Money that you can then choose to reinvest in building out your own Dream Team and getting the support that’ll make YOUR life better, and better, and better.) 

Last by not least, here’s a client example to get your wheels turning about how you might apply this to your life: 

A photographer client of mine does private photo shoots for her customers. She then edits those pictures before showing them to the customer, who chooses their selections. A very talented photographer and artist in general, she doesn’t hate photo editing. In fact, she enjoys many of the creative aspects involved in the editing process. She also enjoys having creative control when it comes to making edits according to her eye, her specifics, and her style. BUT – editing photos is very time consuming. The more edits she has to do, the less time she has available to line up more photo shoots, and the more “behind” she feels due to customers eagerly waiting to see their images. One option, of course, is she can book fewer photo shoots, allowing more time in between for editing. But this means less time spent doing what she loves: photography and the in-person connection that comes with time spent with her customers during photo shoots. 

What would YOU do?

Where do you see yourself in any of this? How might this example apply to what YOU want to be doing more of?

Comment below and tell me where you’re going to delegate more.

What if, rather than spending less time doing something she truly loves doing – and making less money doing it – she were to delegate the editing? And what if she finds someone with a keen eye to edit her photos for her? What becomes possible when she frees up more time and energy to be available to do what she loves, and profits from, most?

As you to apply this to yourself, consider: 

  • What would you rather not do? 
  • What would you prefer to do instead? 
  • How can you delegate, streamline, and optimize in order to support more of what you want and less of what you don’t?

Coaching helps with ALL of this. If you’re ready to expand your Dream Team by adding your favorite life coach 😉 to YOUR  support team, reach out today so we can explore how I can best serve YOU!

Big love, 

PS –  For more client inspiration, click here to read what my clients say about our work together and, if it feels right, book a call so we can talk about what us working together can do for you.

Independence is a myth and THIS is what’s real  

Independence is a myth and THIS is what’s real  

Independence is a myth.

I challenge you to bring to mind one thing you do that is truly independent of all others.

What comes to mind? Is it truly and completely independent?

The reality is, if you are using anything made by or involving other people to do anything, you are not independent. 

This is not a bad thing, though I can certainly empathize if, like I did, you have wrapped aspects of your identity around the idea of independence and have the challenge of unraveling it ahead of you. 

Evidence of your inherent interdependence is everywhere.

Here’s a little exercise to demonstrate this:

The very water you drink: Do you go to a well to get it? Did you dig the well? Did you build the bucket you use to hold water? If so, did you make the tools you used to make the bucket? Did you cut down the tree that gave you the wood for the tools used to make the bucket and the chair you sit in? Who made the shoes and clothes that keep you warm?

“If you’re thinking, “I bought those things and my means allow my independence,” consider, who printed the money you used to purchase them? What service or product did you provide to earn it? To whom did you provide it? Who taught you your trade? How did the money earned find its way into your account? Who manages the money you have?

Independence is a grand delusion. And a harmful one at that.

(👆 All of the above is an excerpt from my book, The Brules of Life.)

Independence is detrimental to your dreams because it means you’ll be trying to do it all alone. And that is unsustainable and exhausting.

Deconstructing the myth of independence is key to living your dreams and creating a life you don’t need a vacation from because, truth be told, we can’t – and we don’t – do it alone.

Embracing this fact allows you to be an active receiver, of not only support, but also your dream. Often, in order to accept support requires us to give up any false narrative, or egoic pride about being “self-made” or “independent.”

We are interdependent. 

Leaning into this is a proactive strategy and a skill all its own, to create conscious partnerships and collaborations – in our relationships, our families, our businesses, our communities, and our world.

Along the lines of intentional conscious collaboration, one question my clients and I explore together is: “Who’s on your Dream Team?”

While I am obviously a royal member of my clients’ Dream Team 😉 … one of the many ways I support them in this role is in helping them build out their Dream Team to include others who help and support them in all the ways. 

I want my clients to be fully supported, to have not just me, but a freakin’ village if that’s what’ll serve them best. We ALL need support, and intentionally establishing a team of support is how we create and enhance our own personal Culture of Dreaming (a space where dreams expand, evolve, and are realized right and left).

Since we can’t — and don’t — do it alone, THIS is what creates a life that is so fully aligned and satisfying and creative and expansive and fun AND has next level support for greater ease, joy, impact, and flow…

So, as a celebration of YOUR interdependence, imagine your very own personal Dream Team, and ask:

  • What kind of support would bring YOU greater ease, joy, impact, and flow?
  • Who do you want on your Dream Team? Why?
  • What are the qualities, specialities, expertise, and services that nourish and support YOU?
  • And who don’t you want on your Dream Team? Why? (Also super important and informative to recognize.)

When it comes to pursuing your dreams, I find that you generally tend to find out pretty quickly who’s on board with you and your dreams, and who’s not. 

Naysayers especially tend to make themselves known. Like crabs who try to pull each other back into the bucket, there may be people in your life saying, “no! don’t change, don’t move, don’t shift careers, don’t go for that dream, etc…” 

In The Dream Acceleration Program, we do both! 

We create your dream team AND we create your naysayer navigation plan!

We get clear on what your Dream Team of support entails, and we ALSO get you set up and confident in determining your Naysayer Navigation Plan™ so that you know how and when and who to delegate to, how to build and establish even more community and support around your dreams, how to manage your energy, and also how to insulate and protect your dreams from naysayers who poo-poo what you’re up to or try to convince you that you can’t. 

Ready to expand your Dream Team with its newest member? … ME! 😀 If so, claim a FREE Top Shelf Session with Tara Assessment Call, a 1:1 conversation to explore how I can personally support and serve you and your dreams. Set yourself up with the right support and a customized plan to get on the fast-track to the life you dream of.