Fitness on the Road: No excuses exercise while you travel

As I sit down to write this, I’m just back from a kick-ass leg workout that included:

  • 30 weighted step ups
  • 15 bench jumps
  • 20 kettlebell crab walk (side-to-side squats)
  • 20 split jumps (squats after jumping up onto, in my case, a tree stump)
  • 15 burpee bench jumps (as if burpees aren’t enough, a bench jump after each burpee)
  • 15 kettlebell squats + overhead press (squatting while holding kettlebell, then pushing the kettlebell over head)
  • 24 180-degree jump squats
  • 30 X-jumps (jumping jacks meets squats meets twist to touch your toes = hard)

And this was just round one — of two!  Challenging (obviously) – but damn it, I did it. With 5 minutes or so for stretching at the end, the entire workout took me about 35 minutes.

 >>>>> Click here for a 2 minute ‘Fitness on the Road’ video for inspiration!

Nomads keep it moving! 🙂

No excuses. A simple picnic table can serve as a bench/step up. (If we’re at an RV site with a picnic table, I use that one. Otherwise, I find one at a nearby public park. Sometimes a tree trunk comes in handy too.) Thanks to countless fitness apps to choose from, you can essentially have a fitness trainer in your pocket – all without stepping foot in a gym.

As a full-time nomad and RVer, this helps me stay in shape, challenging me to increase my strength and stamina, one workout and one week at a time.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m also a bit of a salsa dancing addict. Nomadic fitness has officially become my reality. Now, not only do my partner and I find the local hot spots for salsa dancing wherever we are (we met on a salsa dance floor), but I also get my strength-training workouts in.

As I write this, I’m in my 40s, and I unquestionably plan on having a long, healthy, agile, active life. I strive to always make fitness a no-excuses, no BS, non-negotiable part of daily life.

“Burpees are my friend. I love burpees.” This is my burpee mantra, and believe it or not, at times these words even feel true! Broad jump burpees are, honest to God, my favorite. I think they’re fun. I know, weird, right?

Fitness is obviously just one aspect of living on the road.

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So, I’d love to know: what’s YOUR fitness routine? What keeps you motivated and committed to showing up for your workouts?

To the journey,


Tara Sage

Master Coach, Location-independent boss lady, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro