How to More Effectively Reach the Millennial RV Market

Retirees have long cornered the RV market, but this stereotype is rapidly changing. Forbes, USAToday, and CNBC have all recently had headlines to the likes of “Move over retirees, millennials are driving RV sales to new records” and “Millennials are fueling new growth in recreation vehicle sales.”

Win-win partnership ahead.

While young families and millennials are getting into the lifestyle in record numbers, the dealerships that are best equipped to serve this unique population are the ones who will most effectively capitalize on this growing trend.

Mobility is a dream that many share, yet there are RV dealers’ customers who despite wanting the mobile lifestyle, end up NOT buying because they are fearful about what’s involved.

The very definition of a win-win partnership is now available to those RV dealers eager to get ahead of the curve.

Join forces with those who are actively living the full-time RV lifestyle, teaching others how to make this dream real. Nomadic Living 101is a comprehensive, personal, web-based, user-friendly course, taught by full-time RV nomads who work remotely and live nomadically.

This course will put your customers on the fast-track to living this dream – their way. And the dealerships who offer it, will be set apart from the rest.

Details at:

As an RV Partner, you will:

  • Easily generate THOUSANDS with this high-value time of purchase up-sale to your customers.
  • Determine your own retail price/profit margin, and divide commissions to your sales people however you choose.
  • Expand your demographic and better serve clientele with this added value offering.
  • Give curious prospective customers something to learn from and then come back to your dealership when they’re ready to buy.

This modern, personal, user-friendly program serves your current customers, curious prospective customers, your sales team, and your bottom line!

Here’s how it works:

Choose from 3 packages, with access codes for re-sale starting at as little as $1,500. Our best value 50-block package has a $5,000 initial investment.

Since you know your market best, your dealership then sets the retail price.

For the sake of easy math … say your company decides to turn around and sell Nomadic Living 101to your customers for $300 (a low-ball price, since the program retails at at $747).

Using the ‘best value’ example above, your investment would result in $10,000 profit. That’s $15,000 in sales ($300 x 50) with a $10,000 ($200 x 50) profit margin!

And the sales process is easy.

Upon making the sale, your sales rep will simply provide the customer with their access code to the program, and the website link to go to, where they will enter the access code for immediate access to Nomadic Living 101.

That’s it!  Sell your access codes, and profit on every sale.

When you’re running low on access codes, re-order with the click of a button and we’ll send you another set of codes to sell to your next group of customers. Easy-breezy.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company for a pleasant, easy, profitable partnership – an added value offering that will set you apart from your competitors and that your customers will thank you for!

To the journey,

Tara & Carl

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