Burnt out? Do this

Burnt out? Do this

Wanna know the key to preventing burnout?  …asks the gal who’s built her biz from the ground up and has been enthusiastically living this work and serving my clients, with delight, for nearly two decades.

In other words, listen up because I know what I’m talking about!

Service. Service is the key to preventing burnout.

Stay with me on this, because I know what you’re probably thinking … that service is what’s CAUSING the burnout to begin with … and, hell, more of it will only create MORE burnout!

But here’s the plot twist:

When I talk about Service, I’m talking about a new standard.

I’m talking about Service that includes YOU. As in, it actually nourishes you! And if it doesn’t refuel and sustain you, then it’s not Service.

It’s servitude.

This is such a critical distinction.

Giving and giving and never being supported yourself = servitude.

In contrast, with Service … when you give, you receive! As in, you are instantly and sustainably replenished.

Unlike servitude, acts of Service leave no room for resentment, depletion, or self-sacrifice.

Things that help others and that you could do all day and never feel tired = Service.

When you are fueled by your giving, it’s self-sustaining. An exchange that doesn’t leave you depleted.

When you are serving from your heart, you’re nourished because your purpose and love and creativity are renewing. Which naturally inspires and has you feeling enthusiastic about giving, and serving, more.

From THIS space, burnout isn’t even a concern … let alone a reality!

In my programs, you will discover new ways to deepen your satisfaction in every area of your life. Together, we amp up your personal clarity – to include the unique impact and contributions you are here to make, and the self-sustaining Service you are here to provide.

Ready to make your dreams and goals not just POSSIBLE, but REALITY?

I’m happy to Serve you!

Let’s do a Session with Tara, a free 1:1 assessment call where we will talk about your goals and your dreams and all of the things that haven’t felt possible before, and we will FIND the possibilities together. Discover your unique No-Vacation-Needed life and start to see how what wasn’t possible before, absolutely can be now. You’ll walk away not only with more confidence in your dreams, but also with a roadmap to understanding exactly how to make those dreams and goals REAL.

In service,

Tara Sage