Frequently Asked Questions about the Nomadic Living 101 Program

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nomadic Living 101 Program

When will the program start?

Whenever you want it to! Sign up and within one business day you’ll get your Members Only log-in info to access the program right away. Move through the modules at your own pace.

Won’t an RV dealership answer my questions?

You can certainly ask, but keep in mind that nomadic living is not their expertise. We believe that only people who are actively doing it should be advising others on how to do it. In fact, we now partner with select RV dealerships to provide their customers access to Nomadic Living 101. So if you ask, perhaps they’ll offer to sell you our course!

What makes you guys different?

Unlike RV dealerships, who are obviously there to sell you RVs … and unlike nomad lifestyle YouTubers who typically earn affiliate marketing commission on the products they promote through their channel (things that may or may not be right for your specific needs) … our ONLY singular agenda and mission is to help you get on the road.  Our one-track focus is to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and tools to live it and do it in a way that fits your unique style, preferences, needs, hopes and dreams. In the words of Frank Sinatra, to do it yooooour waaaaaaay.

What makes your course different?

Most other RV trainings or speakers or guidebooks focus only on the mechanics of things but they don’t address the real, practical issues. We do. In addition to mechanics, our course covers all aspects related to the small everyday decisions that add up – like managing finances, meals, health, relationships, safety and so much more.

Another notable difference is that most RV trainers in the industry are gray-haired white men. We’re changing the narrative, helping woman and couples of all ages to experience the freedom of nomadic living.

What could be better than a vacation?

When everyday life is so life affirming, gratifying, and joy-filled that you don’t need a vacation. With this freedom-based lifestyle, there will be no need for escape. At the minimum, if you do take a “vacation”, there won’t be an ounce of dread or remorse when it’s time to return to your everyday life.

What’s your refund policy?

Since this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program, there are no refunds if you choose to withdraw from the program. All sales are final.

What if I still have questions after I’ve gone through all the modules?

If after going through the program you still have related questions that we have NOT answered, reach out and we’ll personally ensure you get your answers. Our commitment is not only to answer all the questions we know you have (because we had them too) … we also answer all the questions you don’t know to ask (because, well, it’s sure hard to find answers to questions that you don’t know you don’t know, right?)

Click HERE to learn more about all the course details and explore the possibilities for YOU.


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What’s your exit strategy?

What’s your exit strategy?

“Are you going to die on the side of the road in an RV?”

I had a very unusual (read: odd) experience while leading a Nomadic Living seminar at the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa. During the Q&A portion of the seminar, a young woman in the audience raised her hand and asked me a rather interesting question.



Her question was about “exit strategy” and our retirement plan. For context, understand, that the speech I had given prior to opening up the stage for questions, had been filled with stories and sentiments about how much Carl and I love the nomadic lifestyle and see no end in sight to this way of living.

The exchange with her began with her asking:  “What’s your exit strategy? Like, what about retirement? What’s your retirement plan?”

We were asked many questions during the Q&A, to include:

==> How do you get your mail?

==> How long do you generally stay in one place, and why?

==> What advice do you have about downsizing?

==> Why did you choose the RV you did?

And countless others …   (Many of which, if you’re curious, are also answered in my book 10 Things RV Dealerships Don’t Tell You About Nomadic Living.)

So again, what she asked was: “What’s your exit strategy? What about retirement? What is your retirement plan?”

Something in her tone made it immediately clear to me that her question had deeper implications than what was presented at the surface … but, so as not to be presumptuous, I began by approaching her question literally.

I replied:

“Good question. I shared earlier that Carl is a remote-working corporate employee. He has a 401k through his company. Since 2004, I’ve been an entrepreneur with my own company. I rolled an old 401k I had from the job I had prior to starting my business, into an IRA, and I contribute to it every year. Does that answer your question?”

She replied:  “No, I mean, when you retire, are you going to buy a house and settle down? What’s your plan for that? I assume you’ll be buying a house and settling down at some point, right?”

This made me smile inside, especially given how many aspiring retirees were there in the seminar, eager to sell their house and enjoy the freedom of the “golden years” traveling full-time in an RV as soon as they could make it happen.

“Ah,” I said. “Got it. What Carl and I are doing breaks the mold on what’s expected or traditional, and I fully understand that it can be confusing for others to imagine a lifestyle that goes against what’s typical or considered normal. I so appreciate your question and I hear where you’re coming from.”

I continued, “I have owned property in the past, and I have since sold it. As I shared earlier in my speech, Carl and I absolutely love this lifestyle and we see no end in sight to nomadic living. So we don’t currently have any plans to buy property or to live in one place anytime soon.”

Now, prior to the Q & A, I shared in my speech the story of how Carl and I had gone about making the decision to let go of our apartment to embark on a “nomadic living experiment”. In the story, I had explained that this left us just 60 days to downsize, get ourselves into an RV, and on the road.

Still responding to her question, I went on to say… “Now, if Carl and I were to decide that we want to return to a house or apartment living, I have no doubt that we could reverse engineer what we’ve done. I’d bet we could even do it in as little as 60 days again. We could sell the RV and find a house or apartment pretty quickly. Does that answer your question?”

It didn’t.

Here’s what she asked next: “Are you going to die on the side of a road in an RV?”

Direct quote. That was her question.

Given that those in the audience didn’t have a microphone, I’d been asked to please repeat each question before I started answering. It was a big room, 200+ people, and I had the mic.

I repeated the question:

“Am I going to die on the side of the road in an RV?”, I said with a smile.

This got a lot of nervous laughter. I paused for a moment to ground myself before I spoke, and then I proceeded:

“Ok. So, I’m really not picking on you. I am fully aware that my lifestyle makes some people feel uncomfortable. It is entirely possible that I will travel and explore for as long as I live and that I may never again live in a house. I don’t know this for sure, and I don’t need to know this now because if something changes, I can always shift things then to adjust. Make sense?”

Seeming somewhat relieved, her reply – I kid you not – was: “Ok, so you WILL settle down at some point and buy a house.”

Slowly … and with a big smile, I said: “Is that what you heard me say?”

The room filled with laughter.

I reiterated to her that, “As radical and confusing as it may seem, I have discovered for myself that living in one place is not something I need in order to feel grounded and at peace with my life. In fact, I am more “settled” NOW than I have ever been, because I am living the truth of what my heart desires.” This got cheers, and “woot-woot’s” and clapping.

I thanked her for her question and moved on to the next question.

The big lesson here has nothing to do with Nomadic Living and everything to do with human nature and how we tend to respond to things that make us uncomfortable. Sometimes people don’t actually want to hear the answer to a question – even if they are the one asking the question. 

Sometimes we’re just not able to hear and receive the answer, because our own resistance and fear blocks us from hearing it.  We’ve all been guilty of only wanting answers that stay within our comfort zone, answers that keep us feeling safe and help us maintain our current understanding of the world.

I truly applaud her for asking, and for being willing to be seen and witnessed in a state of genuine scratching-her-head I-just-don’t-get-it confusion.

It’s a vulnerable place to be.

By asking, she bravely positioned herself for a breakthrough, a potential shift in perception. In this way, confusion is good news. Confusion sets the stage for new levels of understanding. I suspect, and I hope, that this was the case for her.

I believe everyone laughed because on some level they could relate to feeling that awkward confusion, and mind-scramble. It was honest. Her confusion was genuine, an extraordinary example of something we’re ALL capable of: a deep-seated resistance to changing our thinking.  

Thoughts are things. Ultimately, taking responsibility for your life means taking responsibility for your thoughts. And expanding your thinking, will expand your understanding about other people, about the world, and about what’s possible for you.

If you want to change something about your life, change your thoughts.  It sounds cliché, I know. But the Truth with a capital “T” is that if you continue to hold onto old limiting beliefs, and hold firm to your comfort zone, then that will be the truth that you live from and create from. 

And truly … the magic happens when you allow yourself to expand into new possibilities and ideas, and when you take aligned action to support this.

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To the journey,

Tara Sage