A Year of Profound Human Transformation

What’s YOUR word?

I’ll share mine. For 2018, I’ve chosen two words: Delighted & Visibility.

‘Delighted’ captures my inner, energetic, intention and theme for the year. And ‘Visibility’ represents my outer, actionable intention for the year

I chose DELIGHTED because, truth is, I’m freakin’ delighted by my life, damn near all the time. But – this certainly wasn’t always the case (understatement of the year) AND it’s not by accident that it’s this way now. 

Simply stated, my life is delightful because I created it to be this way. I made it so. No one was going to (or could even if they wanted to) do it for me. So, finally, I did it. How? Well, over the years, I have not only coached many hundreds to delight in their life … I too have learned and applied a shit-ton of information, and strategies, and have been relentless in my experimentation and search for the keys to my own delighted life. I’ve also made some no-BS attitude adjustments and adopted some rebel-rousing approaches as my norm … the culmination of which have brought me to this delightful existence.

{Soapbox moment >>>>>}  Starting immediately, and for the entirety of 2018 … I am committed to unapologetically living, creating from, and sharing, this energy. In other words, I am not going to dumb it down. I am not going to tame my delight because others may feel uncomfortable, turned off, or judgey about it. I am also not going to make things harder for myself than they need to be in order to “earn” my delight, or as a strategy to stay busy or burdened. I will not minimize my delight to a “reasonable” level. I will not ration it, pretending it’s a scarce commodity. I will not apply whatever bogus reasons used to make sense to me as rationale for lessening it. I’m done with all that, and it feels awesome.

What are YOU committed to?  (I suggest you too write it down and then share it.)

So instead of all that, I’m going to ride the wave of high-vibration unapologetic delight — and I want to take you with me. Throughout 2018, I am going to share freely how I got here and HOW YOU CAN TOO. Why? Because I am absolutely convinced that 2018 is going to be a powerful provocotive year of profound human transformation, and because I am committed to being an active and generous contributor to it’s creation. Now, if being delighted – by your life, your business, and your journey – isn’t your thing, you may want to bow out now … cuz this train is going to be choo-choo-ing full steam ahead. 🙂 

My word #2 is VISIBILITY because (as I came clean about in my recent Facebook Live video), I realize I’ve been hiding behind my companies. So, as an act of accountability I am declaring to you that in 2018, I will stop hiding behind my companies, and I will be coming out AS my brand (stay tuned for new website launched soon). So, with you as my witness, all that hiding stops right here.Instead, I’m going to show my face to you — via Facebook (please “friend me”) — every week of our 52 week year, I will be sharing a “Tip from Tara” message intended to touch your soul and make your life, your business, and your journey as delightful as you will allow it to be. Please mark your calendar, on repeat, for Thursdays at 2pm Eastern. I’ll be showing up there every week and talking to you

Delighted + Visibility >>> 2018: A Year of Profound Human Transformation. 

It’s going to be a fantastic year and I can’t wait to share it with you.

What is YOUR word, or words, for 2018? Let’s get this party started now.

Happy holidays and happy new year — I toast to YOU, and to all the delight you can stand!

May your dreams always inspire more than they intimidate,


Tara Sage

Master Coach, Possibility Queen, Author, Speaker, Nomad, Salsera, Life Hack Pro, Location-independent business owner.