The Paradox of Less

Life can sometimes feel really complicated and like it’s hard to keep up. At other times it can feel utterly delightful and totally inspiring. To be Captain Obvious for a moment … the latter feels a whole lot better than the former!

I have been no stranger to the longing for more simplicity, more freedom, more travel, more fun, and success on my own terms … and if you’re reading this, I know I’m in good company! 

Do YOU relate to feeling *so over* detail-management, drama, busy-ness, or small games overshadowing what’s really important to you? Do you know in your heart and soul that there’s a much more expansive, wildly capable, unapologetically carefree version of YOU just longing to be expressed and in charge? Are you itching to get back to nature, shake up the routine, and give your adventurous heart room to play?

I gotta say that for me, the decision to live full-time in an RV, working and living nomadically, has shone a great big bright light on what I’m calling ‘The Paradox of Less’. The Paradox of Less has been one of the most stunning revelations of this experience.

Simplifying, paring down, and clearing oodles of mental and physical clutter from my life has allowed me to e-x-p-a-n-d my focus, zero in on my truest priorities, and embark on my biggest boldest dreams. 

A total game-changer.

While, more than anything “nomadic” is a state of mind … I say, do not leaving your longings unattended.

We have created a very special program, Nomadic Living 101 for you. By design, it’s for those who resonate with these desires, these knowings, these longings … AND who understand the power and potential of what can happen when like-minded like-hearted folks gather to learn from and support one another.

See yourself in this?  Join us! 

Crazy exciting. Have questions? Reach out, but don’t drag your feet.

Your boundless heart has been waiting long enough, don’t you think?

To the journey,