Who the frig do I think I AM?!

Who the frig do I think I AM?!

I have a dream that makes my insides shake. 

It’s visceral. Just the thought has me squealing… and a bit nauseous, like the urgent need to find a chair in the shade is all there is.

When I coach someone, anyone, on dream acceleration, the first step is always clarifying and declaring WHAT you want – in this case, what I want.

Sounds simple enough. But, given the noise of the world, societal norms, “shoulds,” the expectations of others, and your own sense of limitation… defining what you want can often be very confusing, even confronting! 

I’ve achieved many of my own dreams over the years, and they all started out that way.

Things like: a travel-filled lifestyle, a location-independent business doing work I love, the joy of knowing I help people realize their dreams and rediscover themselves, time freedom, love and partnership, tacos whenever I want… 😉

Naming your dreams, acknowledging your dreams, giving voice to what is in your heart, and imagining what might be possible, is such a powerful and critical step.  

Even if

  • you have no idea how in the world to make it happen…
  • people tell you your dreams are impossible…
  • you YOURSELF doubt that they are possible!

Your dreams, like mine, are fuel on your path to self-actualization.

At this stage, you do NOT need to know HOW to get what you want. 

Owning the clarity of WHAT you want is not – I repeat! – is NOT, not even the tiniest bit, about also knowing HOW to get it. That comes later.

This can be freeing, if you allow it to be. Even if your stomach is turning inside out, which might just be an unavoidable part of the experience. 🤢

In this case, it is for me.

My dream is to author an entire Book of Brules series, that reaches MILLIONS of people around the world. (Eeek!) 

Millions, is no joke. Hundreds of thousands even, is no joke.

And it isn’t likely to happen by accident.  

Sooooo… when I learned of a training, happening in ITALY, about how to write a killer book proposal, to pitch to a literary agent, in an effort to get representation, to secure a traditional publishing deal contract for you, a 6-figure advance to write your book, positioning you to reach millions of readers … I felt like I got struck by lightning. 

“Ohmygod,” I thought, “I need to be there.”


“Imma gonna go!” 🇮🇹

That’s when all hell broke loose. 

“HOW am I going to be there??” 

It felt like what it would take to actually GET myself there, would break my brain. 

There was the investment of time, money, and logistics, of course. But even more than all that, EVERY self-doubting inner saboteur was on fire, like they had just been waiting for this very moment to 🔥blaze🔥and give me a whopping smoke-filled plume of “who do you think you are?”

My thoughts went haywire. 

I called friends. 

I cried big scared horse tears. 

Who am I to think I could actually DO this?!

Seriously. Who am I to think little ol’ me could get a traditional book deal?!

Who am I to think I could walk into that room and think that I am a contender for a 6-figure advance to write my next book?!

My first book in the series, The Brules of Life, was a beast of a project, a labor of love that I have ZERO regrets about investing in. But – to be clear, I paid a book coach, and an editor, and a cover designer. I was published under a small independent publishing house and had a very successful launch on Amazon, but after that, I was on my own. My highest “payment” from sales isn’t the $5 per book commission I earn, it’s the deep gratification of knowing the impact the book has on the lives of those who read it.

Back to that blazing inner saboteur…

Who am I to walk into that room, alongside 8-figure business owners with hundreds of thousands of followers, and think that my little biz, with my 5,000 or so followers, could be eligible for such a thing?

Like, on what planet does that make sense? Who am I to walk into a room of powerhouse people with more success, more notoriety, more backing, and more influence than me … and think that I belong?

Who am I to think my books could reach MILLIONS?

I mean, really, Tara. Put down the coffee, and get a grip.




A few days went by. 

My brain and body processed. 

I ate too much.
I exercised a lot. 
There were lots of deep breaths. 

I asked for guidance.

Eventually, my nervous system began to settle. 

I like to think that maybe it was the spirit of my sweet Italian grandmother (Margherita Angelina Lena Cominelli Giannoni, we called her Rita 😉 ) giving me a loving nudge, when, a counter-thought to all that fear and doubt and who-the-frig-did-I-think-I-was surfaced in the form of a new question:

“Why not me?”   

Hmmm….. yeh…. why the frig NOT me?????

I immediately noticed how much better that question felt to be asking.

From THAT space, I decided to apply for the training. I filled out the application. I gave thoughtful answers to their thoughtful questions. I hit send. 

The narrative behind my self-talk had shifted: “Why not me? Why NOT me?…” 

As I tell my clients… you get to dream big, bold, beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, I-have-no-idea-how-to-make-it-happen dreams!

And so do I. I get to dream big, bold, beautiful, exciting, exhilarating, I-have-no-idea-how-to-make-it-happen dreams!

I also get to decide to show up, as the Big Me, and trust and believe that my dreams can be made real. That there IS a way. Even if I can’t see how yet.

I can choose to put faith in the truth of my desires, trusting that my dreams are in my heart for a reason.

That showing up for them, believing they are possible, despite all seeming evidence to the contrary, IS the powermove. 

Over these next few weeks, I’ll be sharing more as it all unfolds. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I want it to be helpful – not just to me and my dreams, but to you and yours. 

What I know is this:

“How” shows up when you do. 

Shrinking your dreams down, because you think that’s more practical, isn’t. All that does is water down your dreams, diminish their energy and their spark, and make yourself smaller in the process. 

Let’s NOT do that.

Dream the dream that has ENERGY in it, the one that saying it out loud makes you quiver. 

The one that, in order for you to REALIZE it, requires you to grow and become a next level version of yourself. 

Decide to BE the person who grows into your belief that it’s possible. 

Make quantum leap decisions that align with the person who would REALIZE that dream.  

Activate that “why not me?” confidence and “I’m doing it” terror er, I mean, excitement.

Show up in the room.

Stay tuned…


Tara Sage

PS – If you’re ready to go after your dreams, I know how scary it can be, and I’m doing this right along with you. I’ve gone through my own Dream Acceleration Process countless times and here I am embarking on it yet again, with this dream. Let’s do it together! I will support you through it, every step of the way. Book a session now so we can determine your best plan of action.