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“Tara provided the tools I needed to blow the top off the tiny box that housed my dreams. I truly believe the sky is the limit now!! My life, my dreams feel completely natural to me now.”

~ Janine Sullivan, artist & event planner 

Since receiving coaching with Tara, I now have the tools to make my dreams come true.” 

~ Kimberly Nelson, blogger

Once you make the commitment to pursue what you want most out of life, Tara can take you there.” 

~ Rob Cochran, entrepreneur

Working with Tara made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support. Tara is able to get to the heart of what’s most important to our happiness.” 

~ Terri Sinclair, sales trainer

Susan Wesley

I was scattered, unable to focus, had lots of unfinished business and was confused about my dream. Was it MY dream or the dream of someone else? Thanks to Tara’s program, I now really have clarity and focus.

~ Susan Wesley, massage therapist

This journey is one of the most exciting things I have done in ages …

I truly feel 18 again!”  

~ Chad Byington, chef 



You long for more freedom, ease, and joy. 


You’re tired of putting off what you truly want and willing to show up for your dreams in a new way.


You’re eager to create your life by intentional design. 


You are done waiting for “someday” and ready for a new kind of freedom.