From pipe dream to possible.
From a life of “shoulds” to a life you love.

From “maybe someday” to actually LIVING your dreams!

In this 6-month private one-on-one coaching space, starting from exactly where you are, we will work on managing your energy, prioritizing what to give your attention and energy to, clarifying and removing obstacles, and planning out and providing you with complete support to step into a bigger vision for who you are and how you get to live, so blind spots vanish, new possibilities emerge, and you finally create and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

This is for YOU if …

    • You’ve been putting your dreams in a box, on a back burner, or up on that dusty old shelf and you’re tired of saying “maybe someday.”
    • You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your life, career, relationships, family, home, finances, etc… but some things just aren’t working or delivering the satisfaction and pride you thought they would and there’s a nagging sense that there’s got to be more to life than “this.” 
    • At the end of the day, you’re tired but don’t feel like you’ve made any real progress on your dreams and goals. 
    • Some days are better than others, but progress, even when it does happen, feels slow and you’re unsure how and what to do differently to create real momentum and real results.
    • You are hopeful and determined but can’t seem to get out of your own way to figure out what’s needed and how to break the habits and patterns that aren’t helpful. 
    • You recognize it’s time to invest in yourself, rise to the challenge, do things differently, and step into what’s possible – for your life, your career, your relationships, your well-being – finally becoming who you’ve always dreamed yourself to be.

This is the place we do that, together.

“I truly believe the sky is the limit now!!!”

“Tara provided the tools I needed to blow the top off the tiny box that housed my dreams. I truly believe the sky is the limit now!! I am in awe of the possibilities my dreams now have as they thrive in real time!

I sit back in amazement. I feel like my true self now.  My life, my dreams feel completely natural to me now. You helped me more than you know, Tara. Before, I was afraid to be me. THANK YOU! xo   ~ Janine Sullivan, artist, event planner

“I now feel as if there is nothing I cannot do or conquer!”

“The Dream Acceleration Program™ was awesome!  The program in and of itself was a dream come true… I learned how to eliminate the obstacles and move towards my dreams with energy and enthusiasm. This process is one I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I now feel as if there is nothing I cannot do or conquer.

Thank you Tara – you are one of the bright lights placed on my path sent to guide me towards my true calling.”

~ Stephanie Osborn, Mom & entrepreneur

“I truly feel 18 again!”

“Tara, thank you in advance for the opportunity to join your Dream Acceleration™ Program. Our short kick-off conversation totally impacted my day today. For the first time ever, I turned my job, which I can’t stand, into a positive experience – a vehicle that leads me to my dreams. Everyone even said that I seemed so happy today, which is not something I hear much. So….THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This journey is one of the most exciting things I have done in ages… I truly feel 18 again!”  ~ Chad Byington, chef

You want to thrive. You want your time to be your own. You want full creative expression. You want the freedom to do what you want when you want. You want to feel clear, confident, and capable of creating anything you want.

I know what it’s like to feel that, while your life may check some boxes of success, it’s not where you know it could be and you’re not who you know you CAN be.

As you consider making a change, does your mind swing from predicting and wanting to plan for everything that could possibly go wrong, to wanting to focus on creating the best and fastest path to what you want most?

Your inner dialog may sound something like this:

Daily life persists, with countless tasks requiring your attention.

You have to sort this thing for work, that thing for your home, and for your family … be it groceries, bills, next quarter’s marketing plan, returning those emails, getting that repair done, planning that trip, or whatever it is … so that bills are taken care of, and family is taken care of, and clients are taken care of. All the while, hoping that in the not-too-distant future you’ll have time to relax and focus on the things you want to be doing to move your dreams forward.

It’s frustrating to be working so hard, feeling like you’re falling short of your potential, wondering if this is all you will ever do, be, or have.

And while you’ve thought about going for your bigger dreams, whatever they are, you don’t want to lose what you’ve worked so hard to create – your relationships, your financial security, your reputation, even your family.

Maybe you’ve thought it best to put your dreams on the back burner, for a time. You’ve had your reasons and I honor that. I also know that while you don’t want to lose what you’ve worked hard for, you want more – be it a desire for more freedom, to be more yourself, or simply that you’ve been waiting long enough.

In The Dream Acceleration Program, one proven step at a time, we are going to massively accelerate the realization of your deepest dreams and goals, build on what you’ve already created, all while becoming more fully yourself, so that you can have your biggest dreams, be your biggest self, AND create deeper relationships, increased confidence, free time to do what you want with – and more because of it. 

Get ready to change the way you manage your energy and think about what’s possible – forever.

Want to see if we’re a good fit? Book a free 1:1 call

Imagine …

No more scattered energy, mental ping-pong, waffling between this choice and that choice, this action and that action…

Imagine having the energy and passion to take on and create what you REALLY want…

Imagine no longer spinning your wheels, wishing things were different, feeling confused about what to do next…

Imagine having renewed zest for life, maybe unlike anything you’ve had before, backed by a new kind of confidence and connection to who you are, and who you’re becoming… 

Imagine no longer allowing the noise of the day to drown out your dreams, undermine your joy, and steal time and energy from you…

Imagine what’s possible when you’re no longer doubting or questioning if you will live your dream, no longer believing that you can’t, and no longer making or buying your own excuses…

Imagine no longer living in or recreating the past, no longer spending your time worrying and struggling, and finally having the space in your life to actually focus on achieving your dreams, solving challenges as they arise… 

Imagine the life you’ve been trying to breathe into your dreams, breathing life into YOU!

The Dream Acceleration Program has helped 100s of people, ages 20 to 76, from 5 different continents to make their dreams come true. 

Now it’s your turn! In order to make your dreams real, it’s very important that we create a space where your dreams and goals are gaining accelerated momentum. 


Teamwork makes the dream work. Private coaching is one of the most powerful forms of support you’ll ever experience. Gain personalized feedback, accountability, brainstorming, resources and highly focused, forward-oriented coaching – all personalized to YOU.


Go beyond fear and doubt. Fear is a normal natural part of the process, but we want to make sure it’s not directing your decisions and your life. You will learn how to master the psychology of fear and build your courage.


Build your belief along with your skills. Create real momentum on a life that reflects your deepest dreams and desires. From here, anything you want in the future will be yours because you will have the tools to create it!

YOU are the Foundation that your dreams are built on.

Not unlike the foundation of a house, one key piece to the coaching I do is helping to really strengthen this foundation for you – and that *is* YOU: your feelings, your skills, your plans, your mind/body/subconscious getting fully on board to make your dreams easier to achieve. Because without this foundation, when the “wind” blows … (say, for example, an unexpected expense pops up, or you get a stomach bug and need to rest, or someone you love and trust tells you your dream isn’t realistic) … your dreams will still stand strong despite this, firm on its foundation, ready for the next layer to build it further, and the next, and the next… 

This program makes it possible.

In The Dream Acceleration Program, we get you out of the status quo day-to-day autopilot life-maintenance zone, and INTO living the fun, possibility-filled, dream zone, where whatever you dream of is possible. 

We do this by:


 Busting through limiting beliefs, freeing up and reprioritizing where you spend your energy!


Teaching you how to manage fear, uncertainty, doubt, “obstacles”, and the opinions of others like a pro! 


Helping you clarify and bring your dreams to life, one proven step at a time! 


Giving you the knowledge on how to implement a process you can confidently apply to create anything you want!

Together, this gets you quickly and joyfully on track towards a life you can’t wait to get up and out of bed for in the morning!

Imagine what your life would look like if you not only achieved your dreams and goals easily, but you actually had fun everyday, with each new day bringing you more and more joy and satisfaction.

Tara Sage, MA, is a life coach, digital nomad, bestselling author, entrepreneur, professional speaker, made-up word lover, amateur salsa dancer, and blanket hog who often wonders out loud if she should call herself a Self-Actualization Coach because her “true north” and the driving force behind all her work is the belief that dream acceleration is really about self-actualization.  

Here’s a bit of her story and why she muses on such things:

On a good day, I felt restless. On a bad day, I felt like a caged animal.

Utterly exasperated, I came home from work to my dark, musty, basement apartment – a glaring reminder that I was not just figuratively, but literally, underground. Drowning in student loan debt, I rarely answered my phone because collection agencies were calling me daily. Trying to find my way in the world wasn’t easy. All the emotional and practical baggage of difficult family dynamics and estrangement seemed to all be hitting me at once. Much of it not my fault, I felt like a victim of circumstances who was dealt an unfortunate hand. I felt profoundly alone in my struggles.

The job I begrudgingly got at an Ivy League university to establish some stability, looked good on paper, but my soul was dying a little more every day. If I had to sit through one more hour-long meeting that could have been communicated by an email, I was going to lose it! Things were done in inefficient ways for no reason other than it’s the way they’d always done it. This felt archaic to me, but rethinking conventions wasn’t welcomed or encouraged. Waiting for that clock on the wall to say 5:00 felt like an insult to my personal integrity and pride, not to mention that I’d finished my work hours earlier. The starched button down shirt I wore, because I thought I should, felt like a straight-jacket, a costume that belonged to someone else – but not me. 

I knew I couldn’t stay. While going through the motions on all the things I thought I was supposed to do, I was losing myself. On autopilot, I’d drive to work, or the grocery store, or the gym (when I could get myself to go) feeling more and more disconnected from who I was. 

I wasn’t challenged. I wasn’t inspired. I felt contained, micro-managed, and caught in status quo games that I didn’t want to play. I felt like I was drowning, and I knew no one was coming to save me.  

Underneath my restlessness and frustration, was a growing sense that I was meant for more, that this couldn’t possibly be all I was meant to do, be, or have.  

I knew I needed to take the reins and reshape my life, to reshape my reality, to figure out how to not live in a basement apartment forever, to create a life that was my own, that reflected the truth of who I was. 

It was from that dark musty basement apartment, that I gazed out that teeny-tiny window with a view of the sidewalk and the tires of cars passing by … and I’d dream. 

I dreamed of having the freedom to travel when and where I please. I dreamed of having my own location-independent company so that I could work from anywhere. I dreamed of a home with lots of natural light. I dreamed of becoming a bestselling author. I dreamed of wealth on my own terms. I dreamed of finding love. I dreamed of having time and energy for creativity and play. I dreamed of making a positive impact, serving others in meaningful ways that made their life better. I dreamed of being myself without boundaries. 

The voice of my soul, and seeds of my own self-actualization, were surfacing. Naming my dreams felt so powerful. I acknowledged the dreams in my heart and imagined what my life could be – despite having absolutely no idea how to make any of it happen at the time.

People said my dreams were impossible, that I should “settle down,” stay at my job, just be more grateful. They were wrong. 

Not only have I achieved my “impossible” dreams and the freedom I so craved, I have built a business around helping YOU chart your own course, live your dreams, and create the life you think you cannot have. I have coached thousands to go beyond striving, wishing, and “someday-ing,” to experience the true freedom life has to offer. Rethinking conventions and challenging status quo “have tos,” while helping people rediscover themselves and realize what’s possible, has made for a profoundly fulfilling, decades-long career. Looking to the horizon, I am expanding my impact daily, determined to reach millions of people with my writing, coaching, and speaking.

Your dreams, like mine, are fuel on your path to self-actualization.

Regardless of the specifics of what your dreams are, I stand for them as by-products and bonus results of your becoming. Who you become in the process is the real win, and how you grow and stretch into being the person who would have them is the real work. (It’s also where the biggest rewards are found.)

I help you create the life you think you cannot have while becoming the person you are meant to be. 

If YOU are ready for self-actualization with a side of dream realization, you’re in the right place. ❤️ 


My qualifications and official “cred” include: a Masters degree in Holistic Leadership, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, coach training certificate from one of the first coach training institutes worldwide. 

Prior to starting my company, I gained extensive experience as a behavior modification therapist, an integral part of a treatment team for in-patient psychiatric populations, and member of an addiction medicine treatment research team at Brown University. More than anything, from this experience, I gained a strong practical and theoretical foundation in applied psychology, therapeutic intervention models, and client needs assessment. In other words, I not only want to help, I also have a strong application, orientation, and foundation for how to help. 

The Dream Acceleration Program is the culmination of all I’ve learned and developed to support YOU to step into living your dreams and experience the true freedom that life has to offer. 

This program has helped 100s of people get results for themselves and their own dreams. 

We walk through the process together, one step at a time.

Here are the 9 steps of the Dream Acceleration Journey we’ll be on together:

STEP 1: Define What You Want

Whether you have no clue, a vague feeling about what your big dream is, or you’ve really pinned it down, I’m going to help you tap further into the voice of your soul – even if you’re not quite sure how to do that – and help you uncover your deepest desires. I’ll teach you the most common misconceptions about dream realization and how to keep them from undermining the realization of YOUR dreams. You will activate your imagination, gain clarity of vision, and see your way to a life you really love (and a life that loves you back!).

STEP 2: Focus Your Precious Dream Energy

Once your dream is clearer, logistical questions and complex emotions tend to kick in. Without support, this is where a lot of people get stuck. With my support, you will not. You’ll complete two powerful assessments, giving you a clear picture of your present – on all levels. This will help you see exactly where to focus your precious energy in the weeks and months to come. You’ll find energy you didn’t know you had and from your newfound lightness and clarity, you’ll confidently take the wheel, steering your life forward in the direction of your own choosing. These are tools you’ll have – and use – forever.

STEP 3: Meet Your Future You 

Dream realization is really about self-actualization. Going after your dreams is not just about embarking on a journey to get a thing or the physical manifestation of what you want. What you want will come, but it’s also about who you BECOME in the process. In this step you will get intimately acquainted with the wisdom of your Future You, the fully actualized version of YOU. With this guiding force and source of wisdom, conscious and present in your life, you will become unstoppable.

STEP 4: Take Accelerated Action   

Knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things. Fully implementing action steps raises inevitable challenges. The ups and downs are why DIY is not going to be practical for most people, no matter how excited you may be about your dream. Having personalized coaching support and guidance through a proven step-by-step process is imperative. Together, we’ll get you set up for success with the tools and formulas to determine your pace, follow your inner wisdom, and take the critical first steps toward the realization of your dream. In this step, you’ll design a road map unique to your dreams and get moving on your powerful first steps, like a boss.

STEP 5: S-t-r-e-t-c-h Beyond Your Fears 

When you’re halfway through, it’s especially important to have outside support to keep going because you’re betwixt in between. You’re moving toward your dream and that feels terrific, but … while one foot is on the gas, the other is often on the brake. Straddling the fence between your old life and your new life may not feel so great. Fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of not being able to achieve your dreams go into overdrive. This holds many people back and keeps them stuck, wishing, and “someday-ing”, but not you! You will learn how to make fear your friend and learn the foolproof (yep!) Freedom From Faux-bias™ Process that will help you go beyond where fear is slowing you down – in any and ALL areas of your life. Putting the Law of Cause and Effect to work for you, you’ll quickly propel your dreams forward, despite fear.

STEP 6: Quantum Leaping Your Dream 

In this step, you’ll create a Quantum Leap Action Plan that’ll set a fire under your you-know-what. It’s not about baby steps anymore. Activating your big picture blueprint will propel you to the finish line, filling your tank with your very own brand of dream-propelling jet fuel! You’ll work the Why Wonder™ Process, map out your 90-day Momentum Manager™ Plan, and your heart-centered mission-driven clarity will be fully revealed. This is where you’ll be doing some things that scare you, but they’ll excite you even more! Others will be wondering what the heck you’re up to as they watch and feel the momentum take hold. An amazing new adventure is underway and you are rising to the challenge. I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines every step of the way!

STEP 7: Prepare for the Birth of Your Dream 

Ok, get ready for take-off. This is where ALL the Dream Acceleration™ pieces really come together. It’s kind of like a symphony! We are going to make sure you are Ready with a capital R. At this point, you’ll dig deep and honestly assess: If your dream were to arrive today, would you be ready? If not, we’ll get you fully ready to joyfully RECEIVE your dream, in all its fabulous glory.

STEP 8: Create Your Own Dream Team

Who’s on your Dream Team? (Me, of course!) But who else would be helpful? In this step you’ll learn new ways to create and enhance your very own Culture of Dreaming and create a next level of support. Who do you want on your team? Who don’t you want on your team? Why? When pursuing your dreams, you quickly find out who’s on board with you and who the naysayers are. Like crabs who try to pull each other back into the bucket, there may be people in your life saying, “no! don’t change, don’t move, don’t shift careers, don’t go for that dream, etc…” You’ll determine your very own Naysayer Navigation Plan™, delegate to others, and build even more community and support around your dreams.

STEP 9: Celebrate What You’ve Created!  

Party time. It’s surprisingly easy to get “success amnesia” and forget to really celebrate. By shining a big bright light on all that you’ve created, all the actions you’ve taken, and all the breakthroughs you’ve had, we will celebrate YOU and all that you have accomplished throughout this program. You are a dreaming pioneer. What you create not only benefits your life, but those you know, and even the world at large. And this calls for celebration! 

“It is totally and completely possible.”

“Before the Dream Acceleration Program I was very scattered with too many things to do and never having enough time to do them. I had so much on my plate that I was in a near constant state of overwhelm and anything that had to do with “me time”, always got put last, which is to say it just didn’t happen. I was unhappy in my business, unhappy at home, and the thought of making my dreams come true seemed impossible.

All I could do was to keep going, doing what I’d always done, with no end in sight.

Through the DAP and Tara’s coaching I was able to transform my business into one that served me, rather than the other way around. I learned how to prioritize myself first in my life, so that I had the energy and attention to be able to give to my family. I learned how to step outside of the HOW and focus on the WHAT that I truly wanted. I learned a process of becoming more, becoming my best self. I did the work of transforming my dreary existence into a beautiful life, but I couldn’t have done it without Tara’s coaching. She holds the space for you to truly up-level your life, and guides you through the process of becoming your fully actualized self.

There is enough time in the day. You do deserve to have what you want. It is totally and completely possible. You will not be sorry you chose to take the leap, to spend the money, to leave the excuses behind. You will be claiming your one precious life back.”

~ Kimberly Kirk, travel agent & professional pool player

“Thanks to The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I now really have clarity and focus!”

“I was scattered, unable to focus, had lots of unfinished business, and was confused about my dream. Was it MY dream or the dream of someone else? Thanks to The Dream Acceleration™ Program, I now really have clarity and focus. I’ve finished a whole lot of “unfinished business”, cleared space and gotten on board with my true dream. Now I am dreaming on purpose and have found peace amidst what was chaos. I am on my way!”  

~ Susan Wesley, JuicePlus rep & massage therapist

“Tara said this process would be mysterious and profound – and she wasn’t kidding!”

I am not even half-way through The Dream Acceleration™ Program, and I have been having one incredible synergistic day after another! Tara said this process would be mysterious and profound – and she wasn’t kidding! After living most of my life letting life happen to me, I am finally making my life happen on my terms by applying the tips and step-by-step tools that I have learned in just a few short weeks.

Tears of joy have been to my soul, what soap is to the body! I’m so excited about the clarity I have, and the realization that I really don’t have to do it alone. Now, there’s no question in my mind that I will LIVE my dream, not just dream it. THANK YOU!

~ Laurie Gustafson, dental hygienist

Six months later, Laurie made this video about her beautiful dream realization story…

In The Dream Acceleration Program, we get you out of the status quo day-to-day autopilot life-maintenance zone, and INTO living the fun, possibility-filled, dream zone, where whatever you dream of is possible. 

That’s what this program is, and that’s what makes it possible.

How it Works & Exactly What You Get in Each Area of Support:

A Private 90-minute Kick-off Activation Call with Tara to really activate the dreaming process for you, further clarify your dream vision for your life and ensure you get off to a strong start with the program.

Ten 45-minute private coaching sessions so that you keep moving forward, no matter what, with regularly scheduled one-to-one support calls.

Monthly videos from Tara with program highlights and tips on how to fully integrate the material so that you make the absolute most of the program and content for that month. (If you’re a fast learner, you can always skip ahead.)

Twelve dynamic, experiential, info-rich Audio Training Sessions guiding you one step at a time through exactly what you need to create unstoppable momentum toward your dreams. 

Twelve Info & Action Sheet Integration Assignments & Exercises in a clear, fun, printable format, designed to support ease in your implementation of each step.

One 1-hour Next Steps Call with Tara during month 6 of your program, providing you with custom recommendations about your Next Steps to ensure that you keep moving forward in the direction of your deepest dreams, feeling supported and clear on how to maintain and elevate your dream life from here.  

Virtual Classroom + Coaching Support The Dream Acceleration Program is part virtual classroom where you’ll gain access to content that covers all 9 steps of the Dream Acceleration™ Process in-depth PLUS 6-months of private coaching support guiding you through the implementation of each step. That’s 6-months of awesome transformation, creating what’s possible, managing your time and energy, feeling AMAZING, and taking your life and your dreams to the next level.

⭐️ PLUS Office Hours and all the Bonuses listed below!

When you register, you ALSO get these amazing bonuses …

⭐️ No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint Training 

The first stage is realizing that you deserve to build a life that you don’t need a vacation from, and not delaying BEING the joyful, empowered, possibility-filled, inspired designer of your life. Rather than waiting or hoping for a one or, at most, two-week annual vacation to find respite and renewal for the rest of the year, this training helps you design a life that you won’t need a vacation from.

Imagine everyday life feeling so good, joyful, fulfilling, and satisfying that you’re excited to return to it – even after, perhaps, two glorious weeks in the Bahamas.

The foundation of creating the life you think you cannot have is the No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint and that’s why it’s a big bonus! This training gets you into the right headspace and sets you up before digging into The Dream Acceleration Program together

⭐️ Office Hours 

Of course, you get regular coaching calls with me. However, one piece of feedback I hear ALL the time from clients is their appreciation of my ability and talent to listen to a question or a lot of jumbled creativity or confusion and quickly distill it down to an effective solution, action step, or a doable idea to implement. 

That’s why I include office hours too. Outside of our regular meeting times, you also have the option to call me anytime you want within my office hours (Tu & Th, 11am-6pm ET) so that you can have everything you need to accelerate your dreams and promptly face every obstacle that pops up. 

This program is complete in and of itself and has everything you need to accelerate your dreams, and, with this amazing bonus, you know you always have the space to be supported whenever things come up, whether they’re within our scheduled call times or not.

⭐️ Anytime email outreach 

Busy people don’t necessarily want, or need, a telephone connection … especially if your question can be answered in five minutes! Sometimes you just have a quick Q that needs an A. Send me a message with any quick questions that come up for you anytime and I’ll reply. In other words, if you get stuck or just need a bit of feedback, reach out. We’ll get your questions answered and get you quickly back on track.

⭐️ Lifetime access opportunity 

It’s not just our time together. Register before the end of the month to receive access to all Dream Acceleration Program content, for life! Throughout our private coaching together, you have the space to become intimately familiar with each stage of the Dream Acceleration process and become the person who can guarantee your success as you continue down your life’s path. But I also know that beyond having this kind of 1:1 mentorship support, lifetime access to all program content too is so empowering.

I offer to add this bonus because, even beyond the 6-months where you get to work on this with me, side-by-side, helping you see every blind spot, and building momentum on your path forward … you’re going to be in such an empowered space by the end of it, able to conquer any obstacle. And by having access to this program material long after we stop working together, this will allow you to continue to get back into that headspace of what it was like to be in the coaching space with me, with the support and the exact tools to keep realizing ANY dream you can imagine for yourself. 

As new dreams emerge, you can plug right back into the process and walk yourself through each step of bringing new dreams to life. 

⭐️ Presents for you 

Delivered to your doorstep, a special dream acceleration gift package will be mailed to you, from me. Because a good mail day is a good day, amiright?

⭐️ Giving back

I have long believed that coaching shouldn’t just benefit those who can afford it. That’s why, for more than a decade, my company proudly sponsors women through Women for Women, International, a wonderful non-profit committed to providing support and education to woman survivors of war and conflict by providing them with the social and economic skills to transform their own lives. When you invest in yourself, you are also investing in them.

“OMG Tara, I’m so ready for this. How can I get started?”

Yay! I’m so glad you’ve made this decision for yourself!

It’s going to change your life forever. 

Think, for a moment, about what it’s worth to never look back on your life with regret or wonder what could’ve been. 

Really think about it: What is living your dreams worth to you? 

  * $1,000,000?
  * $500,000?
  * $100,000?
  * $50,000?
  * $10,000? 

Can you really even put a value on it?!? Recognizing how truly invaluable it is, you can feel especially great about making this awesome decision.

I can’t wait for YOU to be the next Dream Acceleration success story!


*2-pay option available upon request

Not sure? Let’s talk.

* Refund, Shipping & Privacy PoliciesIn purchasing this program, I understand this is an all-inclusive, immediate-access program in which I am enrolling. I understand there are no refunds if I choose to withdraw from the program. I understand that Tara Sage, Inc is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give my name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

“I was a little skeptical about spending the money, but I think that in itself is when you have a breakthrough moment … when YOU decide to invest in YOU! Once you make the commitment to pursue what you want most out of life, Tara can take you there.

“My experience with Tara has given me the focus and direction that I was lacking. I had the ideas, I had the initiative, but I didn’t have the plan or tools to put them into action. Tara has a way of identifying and clearing the blind spots and roadblocks that we cannot see through our own lens.

Tara seems to understand you at a deeper level than you understand yourself and she’s quickly able to identify the true issues. Then she pulls just the right tool out of her bag to overcome what is keeping you stuck. She’s also a pleasure to work with and I looked forward to every session throughout the program.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about spending the money, but I think that in itself is when you have a breakthrough moment … when YOU decide to invest in YOU! Once you make the commitment to pursue what you want most out of life, Tara can take you there.

I’m now fully focused on my goals and have the tools and belief to achieve them. I highly recommend Tara and her Dream Acceleration Program.”

~ Rob Cochran, entrepreneur

“Working with you made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support.” 

Tara, working with you made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support. You understand all the phases of bringing a dream to life, and in our fast-paced, multitasking lives, you get right to the heart of what’s most important to my happiness. Your belief in what’s possible gives me the confidence to believe in my own dreams too!

~ Terri Sinclair, trainer

“I am simply amazed at how much has changed – for the better!”

As I look back after the Dream Acceleration Program, as a private coaching client of Tara’s, I am simply amazed at how much has changed – for the better!  This includes: taking a big leap and leaving the corporate career I had outgrown, enjoying and consciously choosing how I spend my time and energy, releasing old worn out beliefs … and by no coincidence, SO many new opportunities have shown themselves to me like, for example, contributing to the very program that was so pivotal to my journey!

The tools and support I’ve received through this program have helped me become more of my authentic self and provided me with the safe, loving environment I needed to explore, clarify, and make changes for a far more rewarding, relaxed, confident experience of life! I wish this for YOU too!

~ Janina Goldberg, coach & content contributor

Frequently Asked Questions

Sounds great, but what if I'm not sure what I dream of?

One of the biggest misconceptions about The Dream Acceleration™ Program is thinking that you need to know exactly what you want before you can begin. Not. at. all. If this is you, do NOT feel badly about being unsure. Seriously.

Given the noise of the world, all you’ve been taught, societal “norms”, shoulds, expectations of others … it makes total sense that you’d be confused or that your vision might be murky! Together, we’ll make dreaming a fun process of discovery and creation, helping you get clear about what you TRULY want. That’s why I give you the No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint training as a Bonus, and we begin with Step 1 of the Dream Acceleration Process: Define What You Want. 

When does the program start?

As soon as you register! Sign up and within one business day you’ll get your Welcome Packet to get started right away.

How much time will I have to put into it?

Move through each section at your own pace. I recommend devoting at least 1-2 hours a week to your dreamwork. Consistent focused effort over time is the key to success.

What's the process for joining this program?

After you register, fill out the Welcome Packet and we will hit the ground running. Within one business day, you’ll be given Members Only access to your Dream Acceleration Program and bonus No-Vacation-Needed Blueprint Training content so you can dive in immediately. We’ll promptly get you scheduled for your kick-off call, as well as schedule your other calls. We will start immediately from exactly where you are. Together we’ll work on: amping up your vision, managing your energy, prioritizing what to give your attention and energy to, clarifying and removing obstacles, planning out and providing you with complete support to step into a bigger vision for who you are and how you get to live. Get ready for blind spots to vanish, new possibilities to emerge, and a new kind of confidence as you get on the fast-track to finally create and live the life you’ve dreamed of.

I'm really interested, but just not feeling sure. Can I speak with you about it first?

Of course! Let’s make sure this is the right space for you and that I’m the right coach for you. Connecting for a free 1:1 call will really allow us to do that. Click here to book a free 1:1 call now.

What's your refund and privacy policy?

Since this is an all-inclusive immediate-access program, there are no refunds if you choose to withdraw from the program. All sales are final. Tara Sage, Inc. is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give your name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

What's your company policy and principles when it comes to payment plans?

Glad you asked! I see you as capable, powerful, and abundant. I see you as a responsible adult who makes good financial decisions. My company policies are consistent with this. 

While a two-payment option is available upon request, beyond providing that option, I do not finance the things you choose to spend money on, and this includes hiring me as your coach. To read more about how I used to do things and my reasons for why I do things the way I do now, please click here for my full companies policies. (The link will open in a new window, so no worries about getting booted off this page.)

What if I need help or have additional questions come up?

This is a high-touch program, if you want it to be. While the program content is complete in and of itself and has everything you need to accelerate your dreams, in addition to your regularly scheduled sessions, you can call during weekly office hours and/or message anytime with a pop-up question. Support is here for you every step of the way.

“A must-do for anyone, at any age!”

This program gives you the courage to recognize your dreams and act on them – despite any preconceived doubts, barriers, or fears! A must-do for anyone, at any age!

~ Jennifer Olson, medical student & clinical researcher

“Joining this program is one of the best things I have done for myself!”

Joining this program is one of the best things I have done for myself. The space you have created for me to dream has changed not only my way of thinking, but those around me. Thank you a million times for what you do. You are a gift to everyone!

~ Johanna Corcoran, Familytopia

“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

If you’re still here, let me just say..

Those who register for The Dream Acceleration Program typically aren’t people who have truckloads of money, a wealth of free time, or the unshakable love and support of friends and family.

What they DO have though – and what really sets them apart – is their willingness to cultivate bravery by saying “yes” to the program, “yes” to themselves, and “yes” to their dreams, despite fear, uncertainty, doubt, and the opinions of others. 

Unlike chronic skeptics who are unwilling to experiment with new ways of doing things, or who lead with their fear, or forever sit on the fence … Dream Acceleration Program members are people who dust the cobwebs off those stored away dreams and set themselves up with the right support to create the life they want – now, not later. 

They’re people who are tired of the status quo and who decide to trust the part of themselves that knows there’s a better way. They recognize that creating a life they love is a silly thing to put off and they know that NOW is the perfect time because the sooner they start, the sooner they’ll have the life they want. 

They’re people who’ve had it with excuses and feeling stuck. They refuse to take their dreams to the grave. They refuse to dismiss their dreams as too big, too small, too silly, or too unrealistic. They understand that it’s crucial to address fears and doubts and do the inner and outer work required to succeed. 

I pride myself in being at your service, providing you with high-value, high-content, high-touch support, encouragement, expert direction, and all the tools you need to effectively activate the power of your dreams, make amazing life changes, and realize what you’ve only imagined you could.

The right support makes all the difference (especially for us we-should-be-able-to-do-it-all-by-our-self people)! If you want this for yourself, and I know you do, my promise to you is simple. We will work together to get it for you. I cannot wait to see what the dream life you create for yourself will be. 

I can’t wait to serve YOU!

Big love,

Tara Sage

PS – You’ve found your way here for a reason. If you’ve gotten this far and it’s feeling good but you’re just not sure, let’s talk. At the very least, let’s find you some clarity. At the very most, we can work together to make it happen for you. Let’s get you on the fast-track to the life you think you cannot have.

Otherwise, join today and get ready for paradigm-shifting support and practical accountability in creating your most joyful and energizing life! Go to bed tonight with renewed hope, knowing that tomorrow truly is a new day. 

 Quickly reap the benefits of having high-level, step-by-step support on your side.

  Start showing up differently – even for the parts of your life you can’t wait to change!

  Immediately feel more positive, eager, and excited about what’s to come.