A 12-month 1:1 program for people who can see but can’t yet achieve their dreams and are ready to stop doing what they think they have to so they can live the life they truly want

Together, we will work on how to manage your energy, shift behaviors, and master the psychology of fear so that you can stop repeating undesired patterns, prioritize what you truly want in life and go beyond where most people get stuck or quit, to realize and LIVE those dreams in the next 12 months.

“Working with Tara made me realize that every dream is achievable if you have the right support. In our fast-paced multi-tasking lives, Tara is able to get to the heart of what’s most important to our happiness.”

Terri Sinclair, sales trainer

IMAGINE, what would it be like  …

    • To have the time, freedom, and confidence to go after your dreams, with gusto!
    • To never wonder or regret what you didn’t do!
    • To be fully and unapologetically yourself, no matter where you are!
    • To be thriving in every area of your life, excited and grateful for each new day!

Where will THAT take you?

I know what it’s like to be afraid. 

I know what it’s like to have worked really hard to get where you are, and how scary it can feel to wonder what change will require.

I know what it’s like to have others expecting things of you.

I know what it’s like to be afraid that it’s not possible, that you can’t realize your dreams, that you’ll fail.

I know how scary the uncertainty can feel – about your basic survival, the future of your relationships, your finances, your place in the world.

Imagine … what your life would look like if you could not only move through those fears, but dispel them for good, achieving what you want and experiencing what you’re truly capable of.

Do you recognize that you are repeating undesired patterns, but feel at times like a helpless observer?

If despite your love of self-help books, going it alone is not producing the results you want and despite your “I can do it myself” attitude, you are tired of spinning your wheels … in this 12 month 1:1 program, I help you create the incredible life you’ve dreamed of but thought wasn’t possible.

If you find yourself waiting for “someday” when life will get better, when you’ll have more time, more money in the bank, more confidence, less stress…

If you are eager to stop letting life happen to you and finally create and live a life full of freedom, joy, impact, and satisfaction… 

If you feel a bit scared to learn new things about yourself, but the nagging desire to grow and expand your life and your potentials is even stronger…

I’m so thrilled you have found your way here!

Navigating all of this alone can be hard

Despite however much you want change, putting it at the TOP can be really challenging – especially when it feels like there’s never enough time to do the things you want to do!


We’ll start by amping up your clarity of vision about your dream life and then dive in on how to make it real! 

From there, this is how we do it: These five elements make my coaching a unique and powerful combo.

(1) energy management – Learn why ‘time management’ is not the answer – and what to do instead! I provide you with the exact tools, teachings, and strategies to stop feeling scattered and like you don’t have enough time for the things you want to do. I’ll be there to help you understand and apply this pivotal approach, do a comprehensive ‘energy inventory’, and support you through every step of its implementation so that you can free yourself from time constraints and experience next-level personal freedom.

(2) “brule” breaking – “Brule” is slang for bullshit rules. Brules are blind spots, and what makes them so hard to see is that they hide in plain sight! For this reason, brules typically go unnoticed and unquestioned. I literally wrote the book on the subject and I promise, I’m going to help you see them. There are countless brules. But, even ONE single brule breakthrough has the power to positively impact absolutely every area of your life! Once you start seeing them, once you start seeing the blind spots that’ve been holding you back, you won’t be able to unsee them. And this changes ev.er.y.thing.

(3) dream acceleration – Dreams are the voice of your soul. Together, we will unlock your access to hear this voice with beautiful clarity and see your way to the truth of what you REALLY want. From there, I will guide you through a proven process to create it. Simple, fierce, supported. You’ll be on track, fast.

(4) thought work – As obstacles pop up, you’ll have steadfast support on your side to do the inner work to stop self-limiting beliefs from running the show so that you can take back the wheel, moving forward while being kind to yourself.

(5) behavior mod – My psychology background, training and experience is deeply rooted in behavior modification. I’ll teach you proven techniques to overcome your fears, activate your courage, and build powerful new supportive habits that stick!

… all rolled into one totally customized-to-you experience!

Support is what makes ALL the difference. It’s the difference between achieving your dreams and always wondering what could have been. It’s the difference between finally seeing your blind spots, awakening to a new kind of freedom, and continuing to struggle to make a change. It’s the difference between having breakthroughs you celebrate, and having fear and resistance run the show. It’s the difference between consistently showing up for what you want and endlessly ruminating about what you want. It’s the difference between momentum and celebration, and stagnation and frustration. 

Today is your “someday.” 

Tara Sage, Life Coach

You and I … we were built for this.

I can hardly wait to have you looking back 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 10 years from now and celebrating how our work together made all the difference, forever changing the trajectory of your life.

I’m soooo here for it.

Oh, AND – I never accept more than 6 clients at a time for the Top Shelf level. 

Here’s what this means for YOU:

As a Top Shelf client, you are going to receive so much personalized attention, customized support, honed to meet you, your needs, your personal psychology, your learning style, your dreams and goals, every step of the way.   

 For 12 solid months, you’ll feel like you are my only client. 


⭐ 12 solid months of personalized top shelf support so that you can create the life you’ve believed was out of reach or impossible for you.

 To start, I’ll send you a Welcome Packet which includes challenging, thoughtful questions to answer so that you can amp up your vision and conviction about what these next 12 months will bring.

⭐ We’ll begin with a 2-hour kick-off call, further exploring these questions together so that you can clarify next steps and really begin on the path forward.

⭐ After our kick-off call, I will send you a customized first quarter “road map” so that you can activate the process with an easy-to-follow checklist for how I recommend you approach the wealth of content you’ll have access to.

⭐ You’ll receive your Members Only login password to access ALL pre-recorded program modules, content, and worksheets for 24/7 access, so that at your convenience, day or night, you can learn at your own pace and our 1:1 time can be focused on helping you successfully apply the strategies and make them work for you.

⭐ Every stage and every step will be customized to your pace, goals, dreams, needs, and psychology so that you can feel confident and supported in your actions. By eliminating guesswork and providing you with the exact guidance and next steps for a strong start, you will build powerful momentum from day 1.

  Throughout the entire 12 months, unlimited support is yours. Your dream for you is my dream for you. Your success is my success. I am ALL IN for what will best support YOU! We will custom-design your schedule together, to include quarterly reviews so that you can track your progress, celebrate successes, and know that support is always there.

    Want weekly calls? Weekly calls it is then, with Integration Weeks built in for optimal acclimation and integration. 

    Prefer bi-weekly calls? Then bi-weekly calls it is.

   √ Want to reach out as needed? Office hours and email support are yours.

   √ Contact me anytime. I will reply as promptly as possible.

   √ Want a VIP video strategy session? Whiteboard and all? Then it will be so.

   √ Want to chat over a virtual happy hour and toast to your progress? I’m in!

⭐ To every exchange, I bring my decades-long experience, tools, resources, and expertise to the table. I hold nothing back. More or less can be added/substracted based on what we determine best ensures that YOU get the most out of your 12-month Top Shelf support package.


 Full immediate 24/7 lifetime membership in both The Dream Acceleration Program and The Brule Breakers Club! The in-depth content included in these two programs will serve as guideposts throughout our year together so that you never wonder what to do or where to go for guidance on next steps.

 Interested in learning about how to become an RV nomad – for a month, a season, a year, or forever? Say the word and you’ll be given full access to Nomadic Living 101 so that you can design and create a travel-filled lifestyle.

 Want even more? Look, more isn’t always better, but sometimes it’s just what’s needed! Interested in developing a signature talk and building your stage presence? Great! The Speak Up Program will be yours too so that you can catapult your public speaking confidence through the creation and delivery of your signature talk.

 Want to learn how to have the hard conversations in a world full of division and help make our planet (and your holiday gatherings) better, more kind, just, and equitable? Say the word and Navigating a World Divided will be yours so that you can be in loving action, a voice for change on behalf of a better world.

Every aspect of your Top Shelf program will be built to your specifications.



When you press this button, you’ll be taken to a page to book a free one-on-one session with me where we will look at how you can manage your energy, shift behaviors, and master the psychology of fear so that you can stop repeating undesired patterns, prioritize what you truly want in life and go beyond where most people get stuck or quit, to realize and LIVE your dreams in the next 6-12 months.

“I truly can’t believe how much my life has changed. It’s strange now to think that I was living my default life waiting for “someday” when things would get better – when I’d have more time to travel, have more money in the bank, be able to spend more time with my kids, working on my hobbies, meeting friends for coffee, meeting new people and so on… Now I am living intentionally, choosing how I spend my days (doing all of those things I longed to do), and doing work, not only that I love, but that makes a difference in people’s lives. 

Before I started working with Tara, I used to think that only “other people” got to live fun lives doing things they enjoyed and work that made a difference. I thought I was stuck on the path I had been on and I didn’t even realize there was a way “out”, a way to be more like those “other people” that seemed to really be happy.”

Lisa Luken, professional organizer

“My experience with Tara has given me the focus and direction that I was lacking. I had the ideas, I had the initiative, but I didn’t have the plan or tools to put them into action. Tara has a way of identifying and clearing the blind spots and roadblocks that we cannot see through our own lens. 

Tara seems to understand you at a deeper level than you understand yourself and she’s quickly able to identify the true issues. Then she pulls just the right tool out of her bag to overcome what is keeping you stuck. She’s also a pleasure to work with and I looked forward to every session.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about spending the money, but I think that in itself is when you have a breakthrough moment … when YOU decide to invest in YOU! Once you make the commitment to pursue what you want most out of life, Tara can take you there.”

Rob Cochran, entrepreneur

Food for thought:

Everyday, people go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to purchase a house. Everyday, people go into tens of thousands of dollars of debt to go to college. Everyday, people sign on the dotted line for countless thousands in auto loans. Everyday, people spend thousands on furniture, home renovation, a new driveway. Everyday, people plunk down their credit card for a new TV, phone, clothes for an already full closet, and vacations to escape their “real life”…  

People spend money all the time, many even go thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, for status quo “stuff.” 

This is considered normal.

But when invited to invest in “the stuff of life” … their own happiness, wellbeing, joy, purpose, satisfaction, delight, creativity, dreams, impact, legacy… many freeze and say, “I don’t have enough.”

This program’s Return On Investment goes farrrrrrr beyond dollars. What you gain from it, no one can ever “repo.” Ever. 

Who you become in the process, is yours, forever. And that is f*cking priceless.

You know what’s abnormal

Joy is abnormal. Deep satisfaction is abnormal. A story-worthy life without regrets is abnormal.

I’m here for abnormal. Are YOU?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start?

As soon as you register! Sign up and within one business day you’ll get your Welcome Packet to get started right away.

What's the application process?

This program is very personalized. It’s very one-on-one. It’s very important that we match our energies, that this is a relationship we both want to commit to, that this is the right space for you to be in, and that I’m the right coach for you. The application process really allows us to do that.

In order to apply, we’ll connect for a free 1:1 call where we will look at how you can manage your energy, shift behaviors, and master the psychology of fear so that you can stop repeating undesired patterns, prioritize what you truly want in life and go beyond where most people get stuck or quit, to realize and LIVE your dreams in the next 6-12 months.

What's an Integration Week?

Integration Week is built into your program so that every month you have time to rest, relax, travel, play, or whatever you choose. Having one week per month without regularly scheduled coaching calls allows your brain and body time to integrate and acclimate to the work we’re doing together. Giving your subconscious the time it needs to absorb the information, integrate no-vacation-needed “new norms,” and build supportive habits that are sustainable and long-lasting, is all part of the process. Should you need it, office hours are still available to you during Integration Weeks, so support is always there. 

What's your refund and privacy policy?

Since this is an all-inclusive immediate-access program, there are no refunds if you choose to withdraw from the program. All sales are final. Tara Sage, Inc. is committed to privacy and will not sell, rent or give your name, address, or other personal information to anyone.

What's your company policy and principles when it comes to payment plans?

Glad you asked! I see you as capable, powerful, and abundant. I see you as a responsible adult who makes good financial decisions. My company policies are consistent with this. 

While a two-payment option is available upon request, beyond providing that option, I do not finance the things you choose to spend money on, and this includes hiring me as your coach. To read more about how I used to do things and my reasons for why I do things the way I do now, please click here for my full companies policies. (The link will open in a new window, so no worries about getting booted off this page.)


✨ I have helped a burnt-out bank executive who achieved all the markers of “success”, tell his family how he really feels, make a major career shift, find a new kind of rhythm in his life, and grow his hair out.

✨ I have helped a cancer survivor and former economist build her photography business, become a mindfulness practitioner, and increase her sales revenue 117% during our year of coaching together.

✨ I have helped a dental hygienist, single mother of three grown sons, fulfill her dream of moving to Costa Rica. (And was invited by her sister to see her off at her surprise farewell party.)

✨ I helped a client to visualize, believe herself worthy of – and then successfully negotiate for – a salary that was 40% higher than the one she was originally going to ask for.

✨ I helped an aspiring actor go after the dream career he thought was impossible. (He’s now an equity actor’s association member and you may have seen him on one of his TV debuts).

✨ I helped a woman decide to leave the corporate world that had her falling into bed at night sad and exhausted, to create a life that, in her words, is “totally blossoming.”

✨ I have helped a leadership coach double her income and generate her best revenue year in business while having more fun, spending her time how she chooses.

✨ I have helped a frustrated professional organizer go from stressed out, a “lone ranger” caught up in I’ll-do-it-myself energy, to shifting her worldview to a life of joy, freedom, and teamwork.

✨ I helped a weary elementary school teacher create a business that leveraged her gifts in a way that “feels like play.”

✨ I helped an aspiring stationary artist go from daunted and intimidated by her “maybe someday” dream, to actively pursuing and well on her way to running a full-time letterpress studio, after only a few months of coaching together.

✨ I have helped a business owner develop a signature talk and access a network of organizations who are eager for her to share her work with their members, the exact target market her offerings are designed to serve.

✨ I have helped countless others clear blind spots and roadblocks from their path, shift the trajectory of their life, and put a clear custom-designed plan into motion for more joy, freedom, and satisfaction.

I have ALSO had clients quit mid-way through and not get the results they wanted. (I’m a coach, not a magician.)

While I of course can’t guarantee your results, what I can guarantee is that, as your coach, I will have your back 110%, every step of the way, holding nothing back, and will provide you with the tools and strategies to help you make it happen.

If you want customized-to-you support from an experienced coach who is eager and ready to roll up her sleeves and help you become the next success story…

Tara Sage, Life Coach

I can’t wait to have YOU in the program!

Big love,

Tara Sage

P.S. – If you’re weary and tired of lamenting about who you’re not being and what feels like it’s missing from your life, these next 12 months are going to be SO powerful for you. Twelve months are going to pass either way, so rather than live with regret, let’s create your story-worthy life NOW.

My coaching is a warm blanket AND a kick in the pants. (Usually not all at once – but sometimes!) For best results, a mix of each is needed, but only through highly customized Private Coaching designed according to your unique personal psychology, can the right ratio be found. I absolutely love providing this level of service.

Accelerated support, customized care, and expert guidance is here to help YOU create the life you think you cannot have. If you are determined and willing to show up bravely for new possibilities, live your “bigness”, and receive Top Shelf support as you create a new kind of freedom and a ripple effect of positive change, let’s talk.  

You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. It IS possible. And, you’ve found your way here for a reason. 

Let’s get you on the fast-track to the life you think you cannot have.

If you’ve gotten this far and it’s feeling good but you’re just not sure, I still want to talk to you. At the very least, let’s find you some clarity. At the very most, we can work together to make it happen for you.