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Why everyone is not cut out for this

I’m not talking here to wanna-be-Claires, who aren’t actually committed to doing what’s required, who deny their dreams and won’t stake a claim to their life vision and their deepest desires, who – rather than declare their “I have a dream” testimony – get caught in a permanent “how hole” and, when met with obstacles, go running back to Jackie’s familiar-but-unrealized status quo existence. 

I am also not talking here to wanna-be-Claires who don’t actually show up for the journey and who want dreaming to come with a guarantee, a user’s manual, and a butler. There are no promised outcomes (unless, of course, you count the promise of being transformed by the journey itself ).

This is not an easy journey. And most people won’t actually do it. 

Having made it through my own hero’s journey (one that continues daily), from a kid who climbed out my bedroom window and ran away, to an adult who has found “home” within myself …. having blazed my own trail, built my own location-independent business, written bestselling books, spoken on stages with hundreds of people in the audience, and having created a legacy-driven career serving thousands over the years (people spanning 5 continents), and having learned how to take complex theoretical change psychology principles and turn it into user-friendly applied psychology so that you don’t need decades of study under your belt in order to apply it to your OWN life… 

I have some important insights, knowledge, and wisdom to provide as “The Guide” for those who are willing to go on the journey, despite the challenges. For those who are willing to learn how to transform from Jackie to Claire, and reach the other side. 

It’s a do it or don’t choice.  

One that only YOU can make. 

Not everyone is cut out for true personal growth and transformation.

Some remain plagued by questions like…

  • What will others say? 
  • What will change actually require of me? 
  • What if it’s hard? What will I do then? 
  • What if I fail? (spoiler alert: failure is part of the journey, so count on it) 
  • What will I need to learn? Can I really do this?
  • What if I find out that I’m wrong about what I believed in the past/what’s possible/what’s best? 

You must decide if you accept and embrace such questions, and their answers, as part of what you’re choosing. You must decide if you’re  willing to meet your Jackie with an honest, discerning eye … to look in the mirror and lean in with some self-led tough-love that will inevitably challenge Jackie’s worldview and self-concept… where she will be asked to experiment with new ways of being and doing and thinking that will inevitably make her uncomfortable.

An important note:

None of this is about Jackie’s age, education level, eye color, marital status, or shopping habits. (Or gender. What truly matters here is as real for Jack as it is for Jackie.) 

What matters is what’s on the INSIDE

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1.   Because it’s not an easy journey, most people won’t actually do it.

2.   If you are going to do it, finding a Guide for the process is invaluable. For this reason, what the coaching industry offers serves a tremendous need and is invaluable to the right client or customer.